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World Book Day

World Book Day

This year, Straits will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March - a day to celebrate the joy and value of reading. Children are invited to dress up as a book character for a day from one of their favourite books. These costumes can be very simple and do not need to cost a lot of money. If possible, it would be great if your child could bring this book or another favourite book for a shared reading session. If your child is unable to bring a book in, they will be able to choose a book from school to share.

This year, we will also be celebrating how we can read almost anywhere! Your half term challenge is to read somewhere different – this could be an unusual place in your house/garden or in a different location (the park, on a day out, somewhere you’ve never been before). Send a photo to:

and we’ll celebrate them on our website. If you don’t wish your child to appear on the website, please let us know when you email your picture.