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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

 Hello from  Mrs Harvey, Miss Cotterill, Mrs Fowkes and Mrs Scott. We are looking forward to a fabulous Year 4. 

General Information 



For this term P.E will be on:


  • Monday and Tuesday for Class 4C
  • Tuesday and Wednesday for Class 4H.



Each week the children will be set Maths, English/Topic and Spellings.

The children need to spend approximately 30 minutes on each subject per week.

We also kindly request that the children continue to practise their reading and their times tables each week. It would also be beneficial if the children are carrying out further research and reading based around our current topic.

Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn

Year 4 Chimpanzee project

Our Year 4 children have started a collaborative project between Dudley Zoo & Castle, the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary (Freetown, Sierra Leone), nearly 500 learners in Loma, Sierra Leone, and of course – Straits Primary School!

As of this project, our Year 4 pupils will:
• Learn about another country, culture and way of life.
• Increase their awareness of the issues impacting chimpanzees.
• Participate in an introductory session to learn about the project.
• Participate in a pen-pal scheme with learners in Loma, Sierra Leone.
• Receive a free school visit to Dudley Zoo & Castle, to see a group of chimpanzees in person!

Being detectives during a live history lesson

Year 4 are enjoying learning the violin

Year 4 Multiplication Check

The DfE introduced a multiplication check test to check Year 4 children's fluency in their multiplication times tables. It will take place in school in June as part of our Year 4 curriculum.  The children will complete an on screen test to check their tables. They will have 6 seconds to answer each question. There will be 25 questions altogether.


To practise tables:

There are multiplication / tables games on our class page.

Children can use TT Rockstars.


The website below is the closest version of the June test - if children want to practise - click on the link below. Good luck!

Times tables practice 

English Resources

Year 3/4 Spelling Resources

Maths Games