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Meet the Governors

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Straits Governing Body and provide you with a brief overview of our role.


Governors have a responsibility to work with the Head Teacher to ensure that school is well managed, support the educational priorities of the school and for promoting high standards. The Governing Body compromises representatives from; parents, the local authority, teachers and the community. They are a hard working group of volunteers who meet regularly, both as members of the full Governing Body and as members of sub-committees.



  • 4 Co-opted governors
  • Headteacher
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 3 Parent governors
  • 1 Staff governor


The governing body of our school is made up of:



Appointed By



Declared Interests

Lewis Bourne

Appointed by GB/board

1 September 2019

September 2023

Data Protection and Information Governance Manager

Claire Jones

Appointed by GB/board

1 September 2019

August 2023


Mark JonesStaff Representative1 September 2023August 2027Employee

Daniel Wade

Associate Member

1 January 2023

December 2026


Jennifer Cornbill

Appointed by GB/board

27 February 2021

February 2025

Employee spouse

Jonathon Ashfield

Appointed by Local Authority

17 April 23April 27

Employed by Dudley Zoo

Luke Pardoe

Elected by parents

1st March 2023March 2027


Laura Round

Appointed by GB/board

22 March 2021

March 2025

Governor at Old Park School

Paul Freear

Ex-officio by virtue of office as Head.

1 September 2022

Not recorded


Sarah Steventon

Elected by parents

1 September 2022

August 2026


Fiona BrownElected by parents27 March 2023March 2027None


These members are known as the full governing body and meet on a termly basis. Each member is also part of one of our committees who meet more frequently to discuss and action school priorities, monitor performance and support school developments.

Their role within the school supports the staff to:

  • manage the school in the most effective way;
  • monitor the standards of achievement and set challenging targets for raising standards;
  • ensure the provision of a safe, caring, stimulating environment which provides a sound foundation from which to develop each child to their fullest potential;
  • support effective financial management of the school budget and resources;


If you have any questions or matters you wish to raise, please contact via the school office.