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Our Staff Team

If you would like to contact any members of staff please email and they will forward your message to the required person.

Mr P. Freear                                                                                                                             Mr D. Wade 

Headteacher                                                                                                                           Deputy Head

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Hardeman (Year 4/5/6 Phase Leader)

Miss James (Year 1/2/3 Phase Leader)

Mrs Vellender (EYFS Phase Leader)


Our Administrative Team

Mrs Whitehouse

Mrs Malpass

Mrs Ludlam

Teaching Staff


Mrs E Vellender                                 

Reception (Early Years Phase Leader)

Miss J Swansborough           


Mrs J Nicholls                        


Mrs A Bradley / Mrs T Bradfield         

Year 1

Mrs L Edwards                     

Year 1

Mrs S Allen / Mrs J Phillips

Year 2

Miss L Pearson                    

Year 2

Miss H Clay                                       

Year 3

Miss K James                                    

Year 3 (Year 1/2/3 Phase Leader)

Mrs P Harvey / Miss Duggins

Year 4

Miss A Cotterill

Year 4

Mrs N Hadley / Mrs Z Rawle       

Year 5

Miss O Naylor                        

Year 5

Mr M Jones                                        

Year 6

Mr P Hardeman                                 

Year 6 (Year 4/5/6 Phase Leader)

Teaching Assistants


Mrs S O'Connor

HLTA (Reception)

Mrs S Young                                      

HLTA (Year 6)

Miss M Razzaq                               

Early Years

Mrs S GrealeyEarly Years

Miss K Gutteridge

Early Years

Mr S Grice                                         

Year 1

Mrs S Ashwood                     

Year 1

Mrs S Cadman                                  

Year 1/2

Mrs H Southall                       

Year 2

Ms A RoweYear 2

Mrs N Gill                                           

Year 3

Mrs C HarperYear 3
Mrs E Fowkes                                Year 4
Mrs S ScottYear 4

Mrs L Watkins                       

Year 5

Mrs A Jeavons                                   

Year 5

Miss N HadleyYear 5

Miss M Young                                  

Year 6