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Internet Safety Day

Safer Internet Day


Lead by the school's Computing Coordinator, every year group concentrated on a key objective to address on Safer Internet Day. The information below shows how this was structured. At Straits Primary, we feel it is important to ensure the children are exposed to an online safety curriculum which is progressive and relevant to their age group.


FS: 'Pupils learn that they have ownership over their creative work.'

Year 1: 'Pupils learn that they can go to exciting places online, but they must follow certain rules.'

Year 2: 'Pupils learn how to select key words to search for information that is appropriate.'

Year 3: 'Pupils explore the similarities and differences between in-person and online communications, learning how to write clear and respectful messages.'

Year 4: 'Pupils learn that copying the work of others is plagiarism, practising the use of online information in own work.'

Year 5: 'Pupils learn what spam is, and ways for dealing with it.'

Year 6: 'Pupils learn to deal with cyber-bullying, with particular reference to online gaming, and identify the responsibility they have for using the internet to develop rewarding relationships.'