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Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning - 17.3.23


Task 1: Maths

Miss Naylor’s group - Complete the rounding decimals worksheet. You can check your answers once you have finished using the separate document.
Extension: Draw a diagram to explain how to find the perimeter and area of rectangles.


Mrs Hill / Mrs Rawle's group - Complete the varied fluency and reasoning and problem solving questions about angles / turns. There are 2 levels for each task (developing and expected). You do not need to complete both levels - choose the one that is right for you. The answers are at the bottom of the documents for you to self-mark. You can use the attached PowerPoint to help you to practise some of the question types before you start.


Task 2: Spellings and SPaG

Spellings: Using the 'Ei or Ie' spelling sheet below, circle / choose the correct spelling of each word, remembering our rule. Once you have chosen the correct spelling, write each word into a sentence. Can you use at least one exciting adjective or adverb in each of your sentences?


Don't forget to practise your spellings too, which also follow this spelling pattern.

You will now be tested on these words on 24th March. 


SPaG: Complete the Possessive Apostrophes Practice worksheet. Remember, an apostrophe is used on an owner to show possession. One owner: before the s. Two or more owners: after the s. 

E.G. The girl's coats were on the floor (one girl). The girls' coats were on the floor. (multiple girls).


Task 3: Reading 

We have chosen space-themed comprehension which links to our Science topic for you to have a go at today.

You do not need to complete both A and B, but you can if you wish! If you sit on yellow or orange table in reading, you should start with comp A. If you sit on blue, green or red table in reading, you should start with comp B. 

You can mark your work using the answer sheets provided. 


As an extra challenge, try some of the reading tasks linked below as extension activities. 


Task 4: Science

Create a poster to explain why the shape of the moon changes. Use reliable sources to gather your information. You might want to start by reading the information on BBC Bitesize ( or looking through the PowerPoint.
Extension Task: What is a lunar eclipse?


Task 5: PE

This half term, we are practising and improving our tennis skills. 

Using the YouTube clip below, have a go at these 5 drills to improve your stamina, agility and speed in tennis. 

You may need to adapt them depending on whether you are in your local park, your back garden or your living room! You can also adapt the equipment shown e.g. use balls or balled up socks instead of cones, use any kind of bat or racket you have at home, or use books to hop over. Be creative to get active! 


Task 6: ERIC

Read a book of your choice. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 5 Staff 


5 Tennis Drills