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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Hello from Miss James, Miss Clay, Mrs Derrick, Mrs Harper and Mrs Gill 

We are looking forward to a brilliant year finding out about different exciting topics and having lots of fun along the way!

Our Autumn Term topic is The Stone Age. 


For this half term,  PE will be on Wednesday (swimming) and Friday for 3C and Wednesday and Thursday for 3J. After February half term, 3J will begin their swimming lessons.



Each week the children will be set maths, topic and spellings. 

The children need to spend approximately 30 minutes on each subject per week.

We also kindly request that the children continue to practise their reading and their times tables each week.

The Stone Age topic homework grid for this term is below.

Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn

Writing- Designing our own Mythical Creatures

Year 3 have just launched their final writing unit for this half term- Non Chronological Reports. During our first lesson, the children were 'hooked in' to the new writing genre by exploring a range of mythical creatures. The children then went on to creating their own mythical creatures, choosing its head, body, legs, feet and tail. The children were inspired by mythical creatures such as a basilisk, Medusa, a cyclops, a centaur and many more. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own creatures and came up with some very interesting names. We think you'll agree that we have some amazing artists in Year 3. We can't wait to see what writing they produce at the end of this unit! 

Science- Making Simple Circuits

Children in Need Danceathon!

Year 3 had a fantastic time dancing in the hall for our Children in Need Danceathon. They all looked brilliant in their spotty clothing. Thank you to all the parents for support with outfits and raising money for a very special cause. Take a look at some of the dancing in action below.

Speech Macaroni

Year 3 have been learning how to punctuate direct speech ready for their wishing tales this half term. Ask your child what punctuation is needed in direct speech. They might want to practise writing a conversation at home smiley

Anti-Bullying- Odd Sock Day

Stone Age Cave Drawings

To end our Stone Age topic, the children created some whole class artwork. They had a brilliant time and produced fantastic pieces of cave art drawings.

3J Gymnastics

3J have been working so hard in Gymnastics this half term and have enjoyed creating their own 'super sequences'. In the final lesson the children had to include a hoop in their sequences. This may have involved jumping in and out, rolling, performing a balance or travelling around the hoop. They worked hard to hold their balances for 5 seconds and perform with tension and extension. Take a look at some of their amazing work below:

Science- Investigating Soil Permeability

This week in Science, the children have enjoyed learning about soil. We have discussed different types of soil and how soil is made from rocks. The children then investigated the permeability of different soils. 

Kingswood Trip- 9/10/23

On Monday, Year 3 visited Kingswood to experience life in the Stone Age. We had a brilliant day discovering new facts about the era, building dens, cooking bread over an open fire, gathering food, moving heavy rocks using logs and using Stone Age weapons. 

Stone Age Art Handprints

Take a look at some of our fantastic Stone Age handprints that we have created as part of our Cave Art topic. 

Maths - Three digit numbers 


In maths this week, we have looked at partitioning numbers, counting in hundreds and representing three digit numbers. Today, we used hundreds, tens and ones equipment to represent three digit numbers. Here are some photos of us working hard! 

Rock Detectives

Today in Science, we have been exploring a variety of natural rocks. We studied each rock sample and looked for key features. We drew the rocks and labelled them using key vocabulary. At the end of the lesson we learnt about six different rocks: chalk, slate, limestone, granite, marble and sandstone. We were then able to match each rock to its correct name. Have a look at us being rock detectives below:

Stone Age Jewellery

We have had a brilliant time so far in Year 3. This term, we are learning all about the Stone Age. We discovered that people from the Stone Age made jewellery out of teeth. Using clay, we created our own teeth necklaces.

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