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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Home Learning Year 3

We hope that you are all continuing to stay safe and well at home.


Below you will find a series of learning resources to continue to support your child with their learning at home. We are continuing to use Talk for Writing as the basis for our English work and White Rose for our Maths work. These resources should provide the children with an hour of learning for each subject each day. In addition to this, there are also some resources related to our summer term topic, staying active, practical ideas and additional English and Maths further down the page if the children wish to do extra work.


If you find that the work set is too easy/difficult, please feel free to access the resources from the year group below or above. You may wish to print off the resources and complete them if you have a printer available at home. If not, all children were sent home with an exercise book that they may use to record in.


English (w.b. 29th June and w.b. 6th July)

We have now provided the link to the fifth Talk for Writing Booklet. This should provide English work for a two week period, including some Reading activities and plenty of Writing activities. For years three and four, this unit follows on from the previous unit which focused on goblins. First, the children will create a report about their own goblin, developing their use of sentence openers and new vocabulary, as well as looking at how reports could be structured. There are then other ideas for writing activities such as writing instructions, poetry and persuasion, giving the children opportunities to be creative whilst also practising skills such as verbs and adverbials. They may also choose to investigate some of the additional activities included as part of the unit such as designing a goblin trap or making their goblin out of various materials. Please note that the school has already made a donation to the NSPCC so that you do not need to do so.


In addition to this, children can access further Oxford Reading Tree e-books using the link provided or read their own ‘free reading’ books at home. We hope the children are continuing to read during this time as it is a vital part of their learning and impacts across the curriculum.

Maths (w.b. 6th July)

For this halfterm, we are using the White Rose Maths home learning resources. Every week there are five lessons. Please use the link provided to access a video for each lesson which explains the learning concepts and models examples. There is then a worksheet which has been uploaded for the children to complete, which includes a mixture of calculations, problem solving and reasoning tasks. Answers have also been uploaded.


This week, for year three, when you open the link, please scroll down and select ‘Summer Term Week 10 (w/c 29 June)’ NOT the work that is stated on their website for this week. The lessons for this week mainly focus on building the children's understanding of shape and time: draw accurately, recognise and describe 2D shapes, recognise and describe 3D shapes and tell the time to 5 minutes. On Friday, there are some separate Maths challenges to try out. Questions 1-4 are the most appropriate questions for year three.

White Rose Maths Worksheets and Answers w.b. 6th July


In the Summer term, Year 3 should be studying ‘Deep Down Under’. This topic focuses on oceans and coastlines. If they wish to, children may like to do some research around this topic. We have attached our homework grid for this term in case the children would like to choose some of the activities from this to complete.

Additional Learning Resources

If your child would like further English/Maths work, please use the home learning packs from Head Start or Classroom Secrets (updated) which have been uploaded below. Practical learning ideas and online games are also outlined below.


External links to both the Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize are below  if you would like additional resources or support with your children's learning at home.


In order to help you to stay fit and healthy, we have also added a link to Get Set 4 PE which includes ideas for activities you can carry out to stay active at home.

Violin Tuition


If you have been receiving violin tuition at school and have your violin at home with you, scroll down the bottom of this page and click on the "Violin Tuition" star to see some clips from Mr Cotterill teaching you some tunes you can play with your violin.