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Today we held our visitors -  13/05/22


Little Owl Farm! - 06.05.22

We had so much fun down on the farm today.  Have a look at the exciting things we got up to.

Red Nose Day 18/03/22

St Patrick's Day 17/03/22

World Book Day - Shared Reading 04/03/22

The children really enjoyed sharing their books with the Year 3 children.

World Book Day Potato Entries - 04/03/03

Thank you to everyone who sent entries in for our potato competition, they were all so amazing!!  We can't wait to find out who has won, it's a really tricky decision for school council.

Pancake Day 01/03/22

We had fun learning about pancake day today.  We tasted pancakes and enjoyed play pancake races in the outdoor area.  

PCSO Visit- 17.02.22

Our local Police Community Support Officer, Jo King, came to see the foundation children today.  She shared her responsibilities in her role with the children and how she helps people every day.   

Nurse Visit 16.02.22

The nurse came into school today to teach the children all about handwashing.  

Valentine's Day 14.02.22

Today we have been learning all about Valentine's Day.  ❤️❤️

Postal Worker Visitor - 09.02.22

Miss Guise told the children all about her busy day as a postal worker.


Paramedic Visitor - 03.02.22

Today we had a special visit from the fabulous Mr. Eaton, the paramedic.  He told the children all about the job that he does, and how he helps people in the community.

Chinese New Year Day - 31.01.22

Today we had so much fun in foundation learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year. We looked at information books, made Chinese lanterns, painted tigers, performed a dragon dance, made the Great Wall of China out of Lego, role played in the Chinese restaurant and had a go at writing Chinese letters. We even got to taste Chinese food. Yum Yum!


2022 is the year of the tiger. Do you know what animal year you were born in?

Take a look at our 'junk' modelling of emergency service vehicles.  Aren't they fabulous?

Road Safety Visitor - 13.01.22

Foundation have been learning how to cross the road safely.

​​​​​​They then practised outside with their friends.

Did you hear about Humpty Dumpty?

Outside the classroom today was a crime scene. Unfortunately someone had pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall and he had to be taken to hospital.


Around the crime scene we found four pieces of evidence; a pair of brown footprints, a heart shaped fingerprint, a pack of sweets and some gingerbread. We made a note of these clues and then took a close look at the four suspects to determine "Who pushed Humpty Dumpty!?"


We decided that it was The Gingerbread Man!


We looked around for him all day but we think he ran away. To make sure people knew we were looking for him we made posters and wanted signs with his picture on telling people what he had done to Humpty. If you see him, let us know!


To cheer Humpty up we drew him pictures and made cards for him. We put them in a big envelope to send to him. Miss Swansborough rang the hospital tonight to check on Humpty. The nurse said he has a broken leg and a bump on his head so he will need to stay in bed until he feels better. 


Dudley Performing Arts entertain foundation with a musical production of Billy Goats Gruff! - 16.12.21

Christmas in Foundation

Our Outdoor Climbing Challenge has Arrived!

Children In Need - 19.11.21

We had fun today learning about Children In Need.  We made book marks, masks and decorated biscuits. 

Today we celebrated Hanukkah - 15.11.21

Poppy Day - 11.11.21

We Will Remember...

Diwali Day - 08.11.21 -

We had a lovely day celebrating Diwali - The festival of light. 

Bonfire Night! - 05.11.21

We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament.  We talked about how our rules for the country are past in the Houses of Parliament.  We also learnt about the rules of firework safety.

More Harvest Fun - Vegetable/Fruit Printing and Bread Tasting! 

Harvest Festival 07.10.21

Today we had our Harvest Festival assembly where David and Lindsey Brown from our local church talked about the importance of Harvest. 

Thank you for all the generous donations. smiley The items are going to be shared between two charities chosen by our school council; The Beacon Centre for the Blind and the local Food Bank.

September 2021

We have been very busy in our first days in Foundation. 

Have a look what we have been doing!