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September 2020

We have been very busy in our first days in Foundation. 

Have a look what we have been doing!

Phonics and Maths Workshop Powerpoint

17.03.20 – St Patrick’s Day. 

Today the children learnt about St. Patrick’s Day.  Foundation made Irish flags and hats, and also watched and had a go at River Dancing! 

World Book Day - 06.03.20

Today we celebrated our love of reading.  We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book character! (Well done parents they all looked fabulous !smiley )

Pancake Day 25.02.20

This week the children had a visit from Lindsey Brown a lady from the Straits church.

She told the children the story of lent and talked to them about why we celebrate pancake day.

The children then tasted pancakes.  Yummy!


Fire Fighters Visit 13.02.20

Today the fire fighters came to visit to tell us what they do in their job.


Did you know you can have a free smoke detector fitted? Contact West Midlands Fire Service for details.

Police Visit - 07.02.20

PCSO King came into foundation today to talk to us about her job in the local community. 

Postal Workers Visit - 31.1.20

Postal workers from one of the local offices can to see us today to tell us about their job.  We enjoyed finding out what happens to a letter once we have posted it in the post box.  What a journey it has!!


Dentist Visit - 30.1.20

A dentist came into school today to show us how to brush our teeth correctly.  We practised using model teeth. We also learnt what foods were good and bad for our teeth.

What a week we have had in foundation this week - from Chinese New Year to St. John's Ambulance, Paramedics to local authors! Busy, busy busy!



22.1.20 - Chinese New Year

Today we celerated Chinese New Year.

23.1.20 - Author Fay Evans
23.1.20 - St. John's Ambulance Visit
24.1.20 - Paramedics Visit

Road Safety Visit - 9.1.20

Today we had a visit from the Dudley Road Safety Team. We discussed how important it is to cross the road safely.

Busy Getting Ready for Christmas

The children have been busy decorating the Christmas trees in foundation. Don't they look great? 

Hanukkah - 25.11.19

This week we celebrated Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of light. 

We discussed how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah and the children looked at Jewish artefacts and played the game 'dreidel'.


Children in Need 15.11.19

Well done to the children of Straits Primary School who raised a whopping £1606.00 for Children in Need. A huge thank you.  smileyyessmiley


Bonfire Night - 5.11.19 

We have been learning about Bonfire Night. The children learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament.  We talked about how rules for our country are past in the Houses of Parliament.  We also learnt about the rules of firework safety.

25.10.19 – Mrs. Basra visits foundation.  

Mrs. Basra, who lives in our community, came to school to teach the children how Hindu’s celebrate the festival of Diwali.  She talked about how Hindu’s celebrate in India and how her family celebrate Diwali in our community

21.10.19 – Today we celebrated Diwali.

The children enjoyed learning about the festival of Diwali today.  They made Barfi, took part in role playing the story of Rama and Sita, had Mehndi patterns on their hands, they made Diva lamps, and loved chalking Rangoli patterns on the floor outside.

Harvest Festival - 3.10.19

A huge thank you to all the generous gifts donated for our Harvest Festival.  The goods were distributed between various local charities.

Foundation have had fun going on a number hunt around school.  They also have been using cubes to make the number '2'. 
We have been very busy during our first few weeks in school!
Look at what your children have been doing in our outdoor area.