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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! 

Hello from the Year 2 teachers: Miss James, Mrs Allen and Mrs Bradfield. Our classes are supported by Mrs Derrick and Miss Southall. We are really looking forward to teaching the Year 2 children this year and can't wait to celebrate some of their successes and achievements with you. Please keep an eye out on our year group page for key information and to take a sneak peak at some of the fantastic learning that goes on inside and outside our classrooms. 

Key Information:

  • Please make sure your child brings their reading book and homework diary into school every day. 
  • Homework is usually handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Friday. 
  • New spellings will be stuck into your child's blue home spelling book every 4 weeks. Please make sure this is kept in their blue book back at all times. They may wish to practise their words in this book.
  • The children will be tested on their spellings every Friday. 
  • When hearing your child read, please comment and sign their diary. 
  • Reading books will be changed every Monday. 
  • Any work at home on learning 2, 5 and 10 times tables would be very beneficial. 



2J PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Spring term. 

2AB PE lessons will take place on Thursdays and Fridays during the Spring term. 


Please make sure any jewellery is removed on these days and that hair is tied up. 


Please click on the starred pages below to see some of our wonderful learning. You may find some of the documents and links below useful. 

Miss James's Maths Group- 23.5.23

Miss James's maths group have been learning how to read and tell the time on an analogue clock this week. It is a tricky concept to understand but the children have worked so well and enjoyed lots of practical work. Take a look at the photos below:

Exciting visitor!!

Year 2 have had a very exciting visitor this week- Cilla the tortoise!! For one of our writing units, the children have been focusing on traditional African tales and one of the stories we are looking at is called 'How the tortoise got a patterned shell'. Having the tortoise in our classrooms really brought the children's learning to life. Take a look at some of the photos below:

King's Coronation- 5/3/23


Year 2 have had a wonderful day celebrating the Coronation of King Charles. Although we had to cancel our outdoor picnic, the children still enjoyed a picnic inside the classroom. They spent the afternoon learning about the coronation, taking part in a scavenger hunt and enjoying some fun puzzles and colouring activities. The children looked brilliant in their red, white and blue clothing and had lots of fun! Take a look at some of the photographs below.

World Book Day 2023

The children have had so much fun celebrating World Book Day today! They all looked absolutely fantastic in their costumes. The children have enjoyed listening to stories, looking at books, designing their own front cover and completing shared reading activities. Take a look at some of the photos below:

Year 2 Artwork- Paul Klee- Castle and Sun

Take a look at Year 2's wonderful artwork inspired by Paul Klee's Castle and Sun painting. They have enjoyed using shapes, tints, tones and water colours. They mixed primary colours to create secondary colours. 


Miss James's Maths Group- Exploring x through arrays

This week the children have started learning about multiplication. Take a look at some of the children creating arrays to represent a multiplication number sentence. 

Taste of History Day- Knights & Castles

On Wednesday 25th January, Year 2 had a visit from Sir Robert the Hood who came to teach them all about Knights and Castles. The children had a fantastic day learning about what Saxon and Normal soldiers would wear in battle, taking part in a jousting competition, building a castle and exploring how to attack a castle using a trebuchet. The children learnt lots and looked amazing in their costumes. Take a look at the wonderful photos below:

Miss James's Maths Group- Money

Take a look at our wonderful money skills. This week we have been making amounts using coins and part whole models. 

The Endless Quest- Stunning Start

Today we have launched our new topic The Endless Quest. The children enjoyed re-enacting the events of The Battle of Hastings and how William the Conqueror became King of England in 1066. The children are looking forward to learning more about this and why castles were brought to England. 


On Thursday 8th December, Year 2 had fun taking part in a multi-skills competition in small teams. We had activities such as: hopping, throwing a ball against the wall, agility ladders, target mat, bean bag race, speed bounce and zig zag running. Take a look at the photos below:

Our Christmas Performance

Author Visit- Fay Evans

On Wednesday 23rd November, Year 2 had a visit from a children's author called Fay Evans. They had a wonderful time listening to Fay's new story, Dave the Whale, and enjoyed taking part in some of the actions. The children asked some very interesting questions and gained a little insight into what it is like being an author. Take a look at some of the photos below:


If your child wants to purchase the book, please visit Fay's website:

Children in Need

On Friday 18th November, the children enjoyed raising money for Children in Need. Year 2 had lots of fun going around the stalls that KS2 had set up. They all looked fabulous in their spotty clothing too! Well done to everyone on all of their efforts and thank you to parents for your support in raising money for such a good cause. Take a look at some of the photos below:

Selly Manor

On Wednesday 16th November, Year 2 visited Selly Manor museum to learn more about The Great Fire of London. The children had lots of fun acting out the story of The Great Fire and playing games that children would have played in 1666. They also explored inside a typical house during this time and learnt about what life was like. Take a look at our wonderful photos below:

Miss James' Maths Group- Partitioning 2-digit numbers

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