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Year 4

Home Learning  Year 4- 17.03.23


Task 1: Maths

a) Maths Year 4 times tables check

Use the website page to practise your times tables. There are games on the sheet to look at too.


b) Maths arithmetic practice

Try to answer  the questions. You do not have to do all of them, just have a go.


Task 2: English

WALT: Write a recount based on an ancient Maya Legend.

Read p. 1-6 of the story the Hero Twins and see if you can answer the following questions:

1.         What was the talent of the first generation of twin boys? 

2.         What did the Lords of Death like to do to trick people? 

3.         Why did the Lords of Death invite the twin boys to the underworld? 

4.         What were the 3 rivers which they had to pass for the first test? 

5.         What were the 2 tests that the twin boys failed? 

6.         What happened when the twin brothers failed the test? 


Now, read the rest of the story to find out how the second generation of Hero Twins managed to trick the Lords of Death. Write a recount of how they managed to defeat the Lords of Death including information about the followings events:

1.         Finding their father and uncle’s football gear and playing ball

2.         Receiving an invitation to play a ball game by the Lords of Death

3.         Passing several tests in the Underworld e.g. not greeting the wooden carvings,  not sitting on the fiery bench, refusing to play with a ball covered in blades.

4.   Jumping into the oven and having their ashes sprinkled into the magical river where they originally became cat fish and then turned back into themselves. Stop at this event.

You may want to watch the  video clip below to help you with ideas.


Task 3: History

What were the religious beliefs of the Maya People?

Read the information about Maya religious beliefs and gods using the Powerpoint. Use the information to complete a fact-file containing information about some of the Maya gods using the Maya Gods Fact-File Activity Sheet. You may choose whether you wish to complete the 1 star, 2 star or 3 star activity.


⭐Complete a fact-file about 2 gods, giving the following information: name, what they are the god of and any other features. Then make up you own Maya god and complete a drawing and description for it.


⭐⭐ Complete a fact-file containing information on the name and meaning, appearance and other facts about 4 Maya gods.


⭐⭐⭐ Create an information page about Maya gods and religion. You must provide an introduction to the Maya religion, information about Maya gods and details about 3 gods.


You may use the task sheets provided or present your information in your own way. It would be wonderful to see some of your fact files when we return to school next week.


Task 4: Practise Spellings (optional)

Today should be our spelling test. You can practise today if you want to. Write them on a piece of paper. We will do the spelling test in school on Monday 20th March.


Have a great weekend

Year 4 staff

The Story of Hero Twins - Mayan Collection | Myths and Legends | EP03 | 4K

The Mayan culture had many myths, and one among them is particularly interesting- The Story of Hero Twins. The Twins in the story are a pair of demi-gods who became heroes and tricksters. Their entire story is too long to be shown in one video, so here is our short version of the story.