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Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning- 17.3.23


Task 1: Maths

Complete Day 3 and Day 4 sheets on the KS1 maths daily practice booklet. You can check your answers once you have finished by scrolling down to the answer page at the bottom. 


Task 2: Write a character description

In Literacy we have been improving our description skills by using adjectives. We have learnt how to create and write expanded noun phrases (using more than one adjective). 


Example: The fierce, ugly goblin has a pointy, crooked nose and hairy, rotten feet. 


Choose one of the characters from the character description sheet below. Can you write a paragraph describing that character? Remember to include expanded noun phrases and think about all of the nouns that you could describe (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, clothes). Remember to include a comma between each adjective. There is an adjective word bank next to each character to help you. 


Task 3: P.E.

There are 4 PE tasks below called ‘Beat the Teacher’. You can either choose to do one of the tasks or all of them.


Extra task:

Task 4: RE

Last week in RE, you learnt about the Hindu Creation Story. Today we would like you to explore Hindu gods and goddesses. Read the key information on the Powerpoint Presentation and then complete the activity sheet where you will design and create your own god or goddess. Think about what special powers your god/goddess might have, what they look like and how they transport around. They might have an animal. 


Task 5: Read a book of your choice. 


Have a great weekend, 

Year 2 Staff

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