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Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning- 02.5.24


Task 1: Maths


WALT: Rapidly recall our 2 times table.

In our Maths lessons, we have been learning our 2 times table to help us with multiplication and division.


1. Warm yourself up for the lesson by signing your 2 times table to the cover of Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake using the YouTube link below.

2, Read through slides 1-24 of  the PowerPoint  to revise your 2 times table.

3. Complete the fluency task on slide 25. The answers are at the end of the PowerPoint so that you can self mark them. If you can, time yourself and see how long it takes you.

3. Finally have a go at applying your understanding of the 2 times table by solving the problems on the mastery Mat below. The answers are also attached below so you can check how well you have done.

4. There is a plenary challenge task at the end for anybody who finishes quickly.


Task 2: English


WALT: Identify and use adverbs of manner.

In English we have been exploring how we can add more detail to our sentences by using adverbs of manner.


1. Read through the PowerPoint below exploring adverbs of manner.

2. Complete the independent activity sheet from below.



Task 3: P.E.


Firstly get yourselves warmed up with the 8 minute Spiderman workout shown in the video clip.

Next there are There 4 PE tasks below called ‘Beat the Teacher’. You can either choose to do one of the tasks or all of them.


Task 4: RE

Over the past few weeks in R.E we have been continuing to explore the religion of Islam. Today we want you to create a fact file displaying 5 interesting facts that you know about this religion. Watch the video clip provided below to help you. There is also an example fact file to give you some ideas.


Task 5: Read a book of your choice. 


Have a great day, 

Year 2 Staff

2 Times Table Song (Cover of Can't Stop The Feeling! By Justin Timberlake)

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8 Minute Kids Workout With Spiderman | The Body Coach TV

Try this 8 minute kids workout with Spiderman

Fun Facts about Islam (KS2)

In this video, Twinkl teacher Ms N gives you some fun facts about Islam. You'll find out about how they believe in one God and their beliefs. Our Religious education fun fact videos are versatile, fun and effective in helping children learn some key bits of information while addressing common misconceptions about a particular religion.