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We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 360 degree safe Online Safety Mark for the quality of our online safety provision throughout the school.

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Our Aims and Beliefs...


At Straits Primary School, we believe that educating our children about online safety is very important. In school, we continue to embed clear rules about using the internet and these are displayed in every classroom. As part of the Computing curriculum, all children from Foundation Stage to Year Six follow our Digital Literacy Scheme of Work which focuses on the importance of internet safety and provides children with the knowledge and skills they need in order to keep themselves safe online. Straits Primary School have an E-Safety Policy which can be accessed via the policies section of the school website. Straits is also pleased to present its own team of E-Safety Officers within school. Our digital leaders are taken from across Key Stage 2 and provide children throughout school with pupil representatives for E-Safety. Our officers are hard at work encouraging E-Safety both in and outside of school and helping their peers to understand issues surrounding E-Safety.

Updated Acceptable Use Policy at Straits Primary...


This term, the Cyber Committee have worked hard to review the Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils at Straits Primary. I was so impressed with the children's ideas and we worked together to change, add and update ideas. This policy was then shared with Key Stage 2 during an assembly. Thank you to the Cyber Committee for helping me to explain each of the points. Following the assembly, all children in Key Stage 2 then signed the policy to show that they agree to follow our school rules for online safety. The policy has been sent home to parents of all children in Key Stage 1, who have signed the policy on their child's behalf.


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A thoughtful message regarding online safety from one of our school governors:


As a father of two boys I am fully aware of how children have become all too familiar with the use of the internet, Social Media and supporting technology in their everyday lives. Our children now use the internet regularly to communicate with friends, play and as a portal to resources when doing their school work etc. Most of us accept now that our children have more technical knowledge of the many different devices and facilities they use than we as parents do.


Straits has recognised that our children will need excellent IT skills for the future and has incorporated the use of technology and the facilities that that the internet brings, into the curriculum. As someone who is particularly interested in online safety, I am pleased to say that Straits has also considered that some children may be unable to identify the risks that the internet may pose. To address this the school’s curriculum also contains a robust programme for E-safety that receives my ongoing support. You can assist the school in assuring that our children are safe online by following some simple tips:

· Take some time to get involved in your children’s internet use and talk to them about online safety.

· Explain to your children that they should not give any personal information online, e.g. Full name, address, mobile number, email address, school name etc.

· Explain that people online may be lying about who they are, and ensure your children know they must always get your permission before agreeing to meet anyone.

· Be aware that children may also be accessing the internet via their games console or mobile phone.

· Make sure you, as parents, check out the setting on devices to control content and monitor their usage.

By taking these few simple steps we can ensure that our children remain safe and can continue to make use of the evolving technology.


Lewis Bourne

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