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Year 4

Sir Teachalot visit


Sir Teachalot brought our Italian Adventure to an amazing end. We learnt more about the Roman Empire and it's Emperors. What the Romans did for us - we were surprised how many things came from Roman times.

We looked at costumes and artefacts - trying them on for size. We joined the Roman army and took part in drills in latin. We even planned and made a charge on the teachers!

It was a fantastic day. Look at our pictures to see what fun we had.

Exploring our local habitats


We went outside to explore the habitats in our local area. We searched the woodland for mini beasts and analysed the trees which make up their habitats.


We  used a leaf identification sheet to help us to decide which trees are around our school field. We measured the circumference of a tree trunk and the height of different types of trees. We will be able to calculate the age of different trees.


Here are some of our photos of us in action.