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This page will be updated weekly with activities that children can undertake at home during term time.




Hello Giraffes and Zebras!!


Well done to all of you who have returned to school you have been amazing. You have all settled into the new routine well and your behaviour has been fantastic! Parents could we please remind you that if the weather forecast is sunny to remember to apply a long-lasting sun cream to your child's skin before they come to school and that they have a hat to wear.


To those of you who are staying at home, we hope you are all well and are enjoying family time making lots of fun memories that you can share with us when we all come back together.



Information for parents/carers:


  • Uniform is required. We are asking for summer school uniform to be worn. If you have any problems with this, please let us know. No ties should be worn and all clothing should be clean on each day.


  • A water bottle must be brought to school. If your child drinks a lot during the day, then it is recommended that they bring in two bottles.


  • Children are encouraged to have a grab bag from school in order to minimise the transference of items from home to school and vice versa.


  • Due to the changes in weather it is important that your child has a coat, a sun hat and sun cream. There will be sun cream in school but please bring your own if your child is allergic or sensitive to it. These items will be kept on their desk/chair.


  • No PE kits should be brought into school. Children will do PE in their uniform. A pair of trainers/pumps can be brought in and kept in school for your child to wear during PE sessions. Instead can we ask that a change of clothes, pants, socks etc are placed into the bag to be kept in your child's bubble in case of a toileting accident.


  • There will be a box where you line up for you to return your child's school reading book and library book. 


  • Please do not bring your child's blue book bag into school. 


  • No fruit will be provided for break time or afternoon snack. If you would like your child to have something to eat at break time please ensure that it is a wrapped snack.


  • Children will be asked to wash their hands regularly. If you would like your child to bring in hand moisturiser then this must be labelled and left in school.


  • It is important that you enter and exit school by the entrance you have been allocated only, at the time you have been allocated and stand back from the classroom doors. Markings have been painted on the ground to help with this but please ensure that you spread out in the available space.


  • If you initially said no to your child returning but have since changed your mind please contact us before sending your child to school.


  • If you have any questions please contact us on 01384 818 575 or email


For those of you who will be staying at home please continue to check our page for learning activities and ideas. Learning activities will mirror what we are doing in our bubbles!


We thank you for all of your support during this time.


Lots of love from all of the Foundation Team! heart