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Special Delivery

Monday 9th May


This afternoon we received a special delivery of... 10 eggs!  They have all been put in the incubator where they will be nice and warm. We wonder how long it will take before they hatch.

Tuesday 10th May


We kept our eyes peeled for any cracks. Unfortunately there were no signs of any eggs hatching today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Wednesday 11th May


When Miss Swansborough and Mrs Vellender arrived at school this morning they found two eggs with little holes in them. Just before school the first chick hatched out! It has spent the day drying off and trying to wake up its brothers and sisters.


The second egg hatched this afternoon and many of the children were able to watch it happen. It was very exciting. It takes a long time for the chicks to pip their way out of the egg and it uses up a lot of energy. We noticed that our chicks struggle to stand up and keep falling asleep because they are so tired.


We can't wait to see who will greet us in the morning!


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Thursday 12th May


This morning we were greeted by 8 chicks happily chirping away! We have 3 girls and 5 boys. As two of the girls hatched yesterday and have dry down feathers, they were moved into the brooder box first. When the other chicks are the same they will join them.

Monday 16th May


This morning we wrote about the chicks. Some of us described the chicks and some of us wrote instructions about how to care for the class chicks. We also thought about what the chicks might be saying to each other when we hear them chirping. 

Tuesday 17th May


This morning the children watched Miss Swansborough clean them out and discussed why they need the light, food and water. 


This afternoon we held the chicks again. They were move lively today and did lots of poos in the tuff spot when we were watching them :) There were a few viewing tables set up so the children could draw observational pictures of the chicks.



Sleepy time

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After a busy afternoon of being handled by the children, the chicks had a well deserved nap in peace before being cleaned out and fed.

Tea time

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