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Year 4 multiplication tables test and practice

Mrs Harvey's maths set


Here is the times tables website. Skip ad to see the songs.


If you want a times table eg. 4 times table, then click show more and they are all listed below.

If you click the time ( eg 2:07)next to the song, then only that times table will play.


Remember to sing along and learn your tables. Have fun everyone!


Have a super safe holiday - I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing you after half term.


Mrs Harvey

Mrs Harvey's set - maths homework - due 24/10/18


This is the link for the maths activity on your homework sheet. It is directly to the activity.

Mrs Harvey's Maths Set

There is no written homework for my set this week.(due 12/9/18)

I have asked everyone to practise their times tables.


We have discussed counting games, tables activities on education city or the computer.


Every Friday we do a times tables challenge; every child has picked a times table to try and learn.

The children should have their ticket with them from this week's ticket to share with you at home.

Their homework is to try and beat their score from this Friday when they do next week's ticket.


Singing times tables are on the Maths page.


Here are links to good maths times tables games too. They are tablet friendly. You can also look on the app store or google play.



Good luck everyone!

Hit the button


You can choose which times table to practise.

You can choose to hit:


the answer ( when you are asked a question like 3x5=)   hit  15


or the question   ( when you are given the answer 12)   hit  3x4