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Maths Set Homework

There is no written homework for both sets this week and over Half Term.

We are have asking everyone to practise their times tables.


We have discussed counting games such as saying your tables forwards or backwards, quick fire sums to answer and using your Maths tables booklet. You could work on tables games and activities on the computer such as Education City or Topmarks Daily 10. Here is the link.


Singing times tables are on the Year 4 Maths page.



Here is the link to a good maths times tables game. It is tablet friendly. You can also look on the app store or google play - it's listed there.


Hit the button


You can choose which times table to practise.

You can choose to hit:


the answer ( when you are asked a question like 3x5=)   hit  15


or the question   ( when you are given the answer 12)   hit  3x4




Have a super safe holiday - We look forward to hearing all about it and seeing you after Half Term.


Mrs Bradley and Mrs Harvey