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5LR 2020-21

Guitar Lessons

For the past six weeks, year 5 have been enjoying learning how to play the guitar. The children loved the lessons and experienced playing songs in many different styles, including funk and flamenco!

Science 23.04.21

Today, the children were given a very important mission - to help Jamie Bond by telling him which surfaces generated the most friction!

Mission complete!

D.T 31.03.21


Today, the children completed their wooden bridges. Well done, 5LR!

D.T - 19.03.21

Today, the children built bridges out of spaghetti! They had lots of fun, but all agreed that a real bridge made of spaghetti may not be a good idea!

Music - 21/10/20

Today, the children composed and performed their own songs on the glockenspiels. The songs had to be based on aspects of World War Two, such as evacuation. They all did very well and really enjoyed it! Well done, 5LR!

English 5/10/20

Today, the children performed their poems that they wrote all about World War Two. They were absolutely fantastic and it was lovely to see the children perform so confidently. Well done, 5LR!

Science 25/09/20

Today, the children made butter! They shook some whipping cream in teams for ten minutes and produced some real butter. They thoroughly enjoyed shaking the whipping cream and realised that this is an irreversible change. Well done, 5LR!