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5HG 2020-21

Bridge Construction

For this half term's design technology unit, we have been finding out about bridges. We have made different bridges with paper and card, testing their strength. We then moved onto making a truss bridge out of spaghetti! This was great fun and we learnt lots about how triangles are strong shapes. For our final challenge, the children worked in groups to design their own bridge design incorporating wood. I was so impressed with how sensible the children were when working with saws and other equipment. We are looking forward to having our second woodwork lesson on Thursday!

Pop-Up Cards

During this half term, we will be doing our first Design & Technology unit where we will be creating a pop-up card. In our first lesson, the children decided on the occasion for their greeting card. They carefully sketched and coloured different designs for their chosen theme.

Film Composers

On the final day of the half term, 5HP were film composers! Inspired by the three opening scenes of Goodnight Mr Tom, they worked together to compose music reflecting the different moods of each scene. They thought carefully about pitch, pace and dynamics to convey the different emotions. Some children were brave enough to perform their wonderful compositions at the end of the lesson.

Blitz Silhouettes

During our first art project, the children worked hard to create a fantastic Blitz silhouette. They started by sketching planes with WWII designs. Next, they created a painted graduated background, thinking carefully about how to blend and reflect the colours of a sunset. After that, the children studied the architecture of London during WWII and created a double page in their sketchbooks to inspire their silhouette. Finally, they created their silhouette. Below you can see some of the children's final piece. Well done 5HP!

Code Breaking

This week, 5HP have been cryptographers, intercepting and cracking German military codes. The children did incredibly well and worked brilliantly together. Congratulations to Asha and Evie who were our winning pair!


In science, the children were set a challenge to use equipment to filter dirty water to make it as clean as possible. The teams worked amazingly. They thought of brilliant innovative ways of filtering the water without any guidance! I was so impressed with the collaboration in the lesson and how supportive all the children were of their peers. Congratulations to the winning team! I am looking forward to lots more science fun this year! Well done 5HP.

A fantastic start!

5HP were all praised on Friday 4th September for their brilliant, mature and hard-working attitudes. There are lots of changes around school, but all the children have taken it in their stride. We are all very proud of them and are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.