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We had a wonderful morning in year 5 being carpenters! We used a variety of tools to create a mine to lift coal. It was a very different but exciting start to the day. The children worked incredibly hard in their groups and were all able to create a successful design. Well done 5HG!


This term, our science topic is forces. We started the topic by looking at levers, gears and pulleys. Take a look at our pulley investigation below:

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Bible Explorer

On Wednesday afternoons, for the first five weeks of the Spring term, 5HG get the pleasure of David Brown who is delivering stories about the Old Testament in a very fun and engaging way. Children have really enjoyed these sessions!

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Our Stunning Start

On the first day back after Christmas, the children were in for a bit of a shock. They were promptly directed into the hall where they noticed their teachers were dressed very differently... The girls and boys were instructed to line up in height order. We then went into the classroom where the desks were in rows and paper had been replaced by blackboards. The children then experienced life as a Victorian child for the morning. I was thoroughly impressed with the engagement and the good spirit in which 5HG took the lesson, particularly when the dunce's hat was involved!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of 5HG and their families. I wish you all a very restful and happy break together. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages, cards and gifts. See you all in 2019!


RAF Cosford Wartime Christmas Workshop

On Thursday, Year 5 visited the RAF Cosford Museum for a full day WW2 Christmas Wartime Workshop. We had an absolutely brilliant time and a number of children commented to me that it was the best trip they had ever been on. We started our day in a wartime pastimes workshop where we found out about crafts and games, which we then tried out. Tiddly winks, the fishing game and dominoes were particular favourites. Following this, we had a 'War in the Air Tour', where Geoff gave us a tour of lots of WWII aircraft and told us many fascinating stories. We also had the opportunity to look inside a German aircraft's cockpit. We were amazed at how small and uncomfortable it looked, particularly as pilots often were inside the cockpits for 12 hours at a time. Just before lunch, we had time to visit 'Fun 'n' Flight' an area in the museum which included interactive exhibits. For the afternoon, we went to the 'Rag Rug' workshop. We helped to add rags to the brightly coloured rugs. Straits, alongside the other schools who are doing the wartime workshops, are creating many rag rug pieces which will be sewn together. I will be keeping an eye out on the Cosford Twitter page as they have promised to post a picture of it when it is completed! Finally, at the end of the day, we had a 'Christmas at War' workshop. We entered a 1940s classroom and spotted many differences to our classroom back at school. We answered lots of questions, studied artefacts and tried on clothing until... the air raid siren sounded. We immediately went down to the air raid shelter until the all clear siren sounded. What an incredible day we had! I am extremely proud of you all 5HG - the way you conducted yourselves around the museum was exemplary. Two members of staff commented to me that you were the most knowledgeable class they had spoke to all year! 

Children in Need

Today, 5HG excelled themselves with their entrepreneurial skills today. The children set up fantastic stalls and were brilliant at selling their produce! Thank you so much for your support with this event. Without your support, this wonderful experience would not be possible. 

Composing Film Music for Goodnight Mr Tom

On Friday, we looked at the opening scenes in Goodnight Mr Tom. We identified there were three main scenes:

1. Going to church

2. Hearing Neville Chamberlain's announcement that war had been declared.

3. Seeing the evacuated children on their train journey.


We had previously studied a variety of war themed film pieces and identified their mood and structure. We used this knowledge to help us to compose music for the three scenes using a glockenspiel or xylophone. Some children even bravely performed their compositions. The children then recorded their music in their topic books, thinking carefully about the tempo and dynamics of each scene.


Blitz Art

We have now completed our Blitz artwork and the results were amazing! We created our silhouettes using iconic London architecture we had researched in the previous lesson, unpeeled the masking tape and added the finishing touches!

Performance Poetry

For our second English unit, we have looked at poetry. We have studied a variety of linguistic devices such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification, similes and metaphor. During the second week, we focused on writing poetry for performance. Working collaboratively, the children wrote and then performed their exceptional poems. 

Pack Up Your Troubles

Over the last two weeks, we looked at the popular war song, 'Pack Up Your Troubles'. We firstly looked at the origin of the song and then listened to the lyrics and tune. The children were then set the difficult challenge of composing alternative war-themed lyrics for the chorus. The results were outstanding! Some children were even brave enough to perform their songs to the rest of the class - wow!

Roman Numerals

Roman numerals marked the end of our place value unit in maths! The children were set a variety of practical and competitive challenges on the first day. One of these challenges was to use lollipop sticks to create a Roman numeral set by their partner. Year 5, I have been blown away with your maths over the last month and I'm looking forward to our addition and subtraction topic coming up next. Keep up your brilliant work - I am a very lucky maths teacher.

Blitz Silhouette

Over the next three weeks, we will be creating Blitz silhouettes in our art lessons. This week we discussed what a 'graduated background' was. We then planned our designs before painting our graduated backgrounds. We also created searchlights using masking tape. We will peel these off before adding our silhouettes. Next week, we will research London architecture at the time of World War II to help us to plan our silhouettes.

Irreversible Changes - Making butter!

On Thursday, the children used up some of their energy to make butter from whipping cream. As you can see from the photos, it was a very fun afternoon and the children's write up was as successful as their butter making. After creating butter, the children then tasted it on bread (another irreversible change).

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This afternoon, Year 5 transported back in time to World War Two and entered Bletchley Park. We found out about the importance of code-breaking during the war and then were set a challenge... to crack the messages! The children worked in pairs to solve some very complex codes. As you can seen from the photos, the concentration and competition was intense during this lesson.The problem-solving skills and perseverance shown by everybody was exceptional! Bletchley Park would have been very happy with their new recruits.

Sketching WW2 Aircraft

On Friday afternoon, we had an art lesson where we sketched World War Two aircraft. We followed a step by step guide on how to draw the outline of the aircraft and then chose the aircraft to add decoration and detail. The focus from the children was outstanding and it was lovely to hear such lovely but constructive feedback given to each other to make improvements. I was blown away by the artistic skills shown by 5HG. Well done!


In science, the children were set a challenge to use equipment to filter dirty water to make it as clean as possible. The teams worked amazingly. They thought of brilliant innovative ways of filtering the water without any guidance! I was so impressed with the collaboration in the lesson and how supportive all the children were of their peers. Congratulations to the two winning teams who could not be split! I am looking forward to lots more science fun this year! Well done 5HG.

Welcome to Year 5

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