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Investigating in science


We are investigating the magnetic poles. We have made our own compass and investigated what happens when the poles of a magnet meet. The opposite poles were ‘jumping ’away from each other. We could ‘feel the force.’

Science Fun

We are investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We planned and carried out an investigation to see which magnet was the strongest.


World Book Day



World Book Day was a great success. We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite characters.

We made potato characters too. 


Comic Relief - Red Nose Day


Red Nose Day was a great success. We had lots of fun and raised money for a good cause.


A big thank you to all our parents who supported the event and helped us to raise an amazing £462.


Botanical Gardens visit


We visited the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. 4PH  had a brilliant time!


When we arrived, we visited the glasshouses. We moved through the tropical house and into the sub-tropical houses. In here, we were able to feel what it is really like in the rainforest. We were so surprised at how hot it was- we were sweating! In the tropical house, we explored lots of different plants and resources that come from the rainforest. We worked hard to solve our quiz booklets too :) In the sub-tropical house, we learnt about plants from many years ago. In this room it was slightly cooler which we liked! We looked at more resources and plants in here too.


After a visit to the Aviary, where we met a chatty parrot, we had lunch. Then, we went for a tour of the gardens exploring the different paths. We enjoyed visiting the Lawn Aviary where we met macaws and parakeets. Some were friendly, whilst others were quite noisy and nearly deafened us with their loud squawks. Some of the birds made us laugh with their silly dancing! After that, we went to our teaching session. During this session, we had the opportunity to handle some rainforest resources, seeds and  also handle some rainforest animals. We were able to look, smell and touch resources such as rubber, cotton, cocoa butter, vanilla and cinnamon. Some of us liked the smell, whilst others didn't! At the end of our teaching session, we had the chance to meet and handle some of the rainforest animals including a land snail, cockroach and chameleon.


Thank you to The Botanical Gardens for a wonderful day. We learnt so much more interesting facts and we had such a lovely time. Well done everyone- you asked super questions, listened well and were very well mannered! 




DT - Rainforest bags


We have been designing and making our rainforest bags. We have learned about paper patterns, seam allowances and how to sew different stitches. Our design ideas were amazing. Our bags look fantastic!

P.E.-  Gym


We have been developing our gym skills and performing our sequences to each other. Here are some of photos.



We have been practising our golf in Year 4. We held a mini golf tournament at the end of our unit. We designed our own golf holes. Then, we explained how to play each hole and how to score points to each other. We all completed the course and had great fun! Look at our pictures to see.