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3HG 2021-22

Pneumatic Monster Toys

For our design technology unit this term, we are creating pneumatic monster toys for Year 1. We explored different pneumatic mechanisms last week and then designed our toys, carefully considering the design criteria. On Wednesday, we will be sharing our toys with some Year 1 children and will conduct consumer research based on our prototypes. 

Creating 3D Shapes

On Friday, the children created some briliant 3D shapes out of play dough and straws. They thought carefully about the properties of the shapes such as the number of vertices, edges and faces. Have a look below at some of our creations.

Jubilee Celebrations!

On Wednesday, we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee at Straits. We had a brilliant day doing lots of exciting activities all about the Queen and the commonwealth. We also enjoyed a delicious picnic on the field!

Pop Art - Individual Monoprints

In our lesson this week, the children designed their own theme for their artwork. They drew something which is popular in our culture today. Their artwork was then photocopied 4 times. The children then used these photocopies to create 4 identical monoprints using oil pastels and biros to transfer the image.

Pop Art

We are currently studying pop art, inspired by the artwork of Andy Warhol, in our art lessons for the Summer term. In the second lesson we created a fantastic class piece of art of Heinz Baked Beans tins inspired by Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup art. We used a printing technique called monoprinting which the children thought was magical! Have a look at our class masterpiece below.

Around the World in 3 hours and 30 minutes

On Tuesday, we had an amazing time in Year 3. Thank you so much for all the support with the costumes - they were brilliant. We defied the laws of science and travelled around the seven continents around the world during our school day. It was one of those special days where we made so many memories, had great fun and learnt so much at the same time.


In Europe, we went on a landmark hunt out on the playground. We had to look high and low to find out the information.

Our next stop was Africa where we watched a short video about going on safari. We then wrote riddles about different African animals and quizzed each other. After break, we flew to Australasia where we learnt about the haka. We then performed the haka with the lyrics. After lunch, we visited the Rio carnival and created our own Samba music creating percussion and whistles! Our next stop was Asia where we found out about the Mandarin language and wrote our names. We flew to Antarctica for a brief visit and watched a video to find out some fascinating facts but we couldn't stay for long as it was too cold! Finally, we ended our travels in North America where we found out about a Mexican festival and created our own masks. Each child had a passport with the mission to collect the seven continent stamps. Everyone achieved their seven missions!


We have had a brilliant design technology unit this term. We started by looking at the history of the light bulb and discovered that it took a long time for the inventors to create a light bulb which worked and was cheap enough to buy! By looking at torches, we identified the features and then evaluated a range of torches, considering their purpose. Then, we looked at three user profiles who required a torch, carefully considering their needs and the sort of design which would appeal to them. In pairs, we then designed our torches for one of these user profiles. Finally, we created our torches! It required lots of perseverance, determination and problem-solving. Just like Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison, we found that making our creation was not a simple process and we encountered problems like they did! Have a look at what we created below - we are very proud of our torches!

Sensational Home Learning!

Each week, the children's homework astounds us - the creativity and effort is wonderful. Have a look at a selection of our Ancient Egyptian homework below.


Thank you so much for all your help and support with our topic!

World Book Day

On Friday 4th March, Straits celebrated World Book Day and we had a brilliant time immersing ourselves with books. The children were set a challenge this year to decorate a potato to look like a book character and we were blown away by both the quality and quantity of entries. Thank you so much to all the parents and carers who have helped to create such a wonderful day with costumes, books and potato entries.

Egyptian Portraits

We have spent 6 weeks studying the tomb paintings of Ancient Egypt. We discovered all about twisted perspective and looked at the artistic style. Have a look at our final pieces.

Egyptian Workshop

On Wednesday, 'Taste of History' brought Ancient Egypt to life for us! We had an amazing time finding out even more about Ancient Egypt whilst having lots of fun along the way. 

Plant Dissection

Our topic for science this half term is plants. For our lesson last week we each had a flower to dissect. The children thoroughly enjoyed dissecting their plant and looking closely at the different parts. We looked at the stem, leaves, petals, stamen, ovary and sepal. 




We explored 'chronology' in one of our history lessons. We discussed the words ' decade', 'century', 'millennium', 'event' and 'period'. Using a toilet roll (to the children's amusement) we went from present day back to 10,000 BC. Using a toilet roll (to the children's amusement), we went from present day back to 10,000 BC with each sheet of toilet roll representing a century. We then placed dates, historical events and time periods on the timeline. The children noticed how some time periods overlapped which led us to discuss about how things were happening at the same time but in different parts of the world.



Year 3 have been practising their netball skills with Mrs O'Connor on a Friday. They are really improving their throwing, catching and scoring skills.



To start our Ancient Egypt topic, the children were set the challenge of being cryptologists (code breakers). We found out about the discover of the Rosetta Stone and how this allowed us to understand hieroglyphics. Scattered around outside were hieroglyphics with the letter they represent. The children were then given a phrase to solve in pairs. We had a great time!

Christmas Jumper Day!


We really enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to school on Tuesday and lots of us enjoyed tucking into a delicious Christmas lunch! Snowman, our new classroom friend for December, even decided to join in with one of our photos!

Christmas Biscuits:


As well as being our Christmas lunch day, Tuesday was also the day 3HG made and decorated Christmas biscuits. This half term, our DT topic has been focused on designing, making and evaluating a Christmas biscuit aimed at a 4-8 year old. We had an amazing time today making our biscuits, decorating our biscuits and then evaluating our biscuits! Have a look at some of our lovely photos from today.


Making the biscuits:

Decorating the biscuits:

Electricity Switches:


We have thoroughly enjoyed our electricity topic and have become experts! Earlier this week, we did an experiment to test whether objects were conductors or insulators of electricity. Today, we looked at why electrical circuits have switches and the different type of switches that exist. The children were then set the challenge to make a working switch using a paper clip, split pins, blue tack and card. They used their problem-solving skills while collaborating with a partner. We had various solutions as you can see below in the photos.



After Christmas, Mrs Harper is setting up an eco-committee made up of children from Key Stage 2. She is currently assembling her eco warriors. On Wednesday, the children put their names forward if they were willing to be an eco-warrior. I was so amazed by the number of children who were passionate about the environment. Lots of the children stated why they wanted to be on the eco-committee, how they could have an impact on the school and why they were passionate about environmental issues.


After a vote, our eco-warrior was Sophia!


Sophia had prepared a magnificent speech to try to persuade others to vote for her and has already designed a wonderful eco-warrior poster. Well done, Sophia. We cannot wait to see the impact you have on our school and the things which you get up to.

Getting Festive in 3HG!


On Wednesday, the children decorated the two Christmas trees in 3HG. We also met a snowy friend who likes watching us do our work and chooses somebody for the advent calendar each day. 

Biscuit design and creations:


This week in design technology, we create a range of biscuit design ideas, adapting a basic recipe. Next week, we will be deciding on our final design. We will then make and evaluate our biscuits.


I will send a letter out before making the biscuits to share the ingredients being used as we would like children to taste one of their biscuits in school to evaluate. I will also be asking for a voluntary contribution of 50p per child to go towards the cost of ingredients.

Electricity - Complete and Incomplete Circuits


Our topic for science this half term is electricity. We started our topic by looking at renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, creating fantastic TV scripts for a short video. We then looked at the dangers of electricity, creating posters warning others about this. Then this week, we got practical and were set the challenge of lighting a bulb using equipment. Well done to Aiden and Michael who were our first pair to make the bulb light! We then considered what makes a complete or incomplete circuit, predicting and testing different circuits. We are really enjoying this science topic!

Biscuit Tasting


In design technology this term, we are looking at biscuits. Our aim is to design, make and evaluate a Christmas biscuit. This week, we had the task of evaluating biscuits to help us to think about the flavours, appearance and texture. It was a brilliant lesson and we all had great fun evaluating the biscuits (including Mrs O'Connor and I). Our favourite test was the taste test - yum!


Have  a look below at some of the amazing ideas we came up with to evaluate different aspects of the biscuits and a couple of us at work. If you look closely, you might find evidence of the eaten biscuits and spot a few crumbs left on our paper towels.

Kingswood Trip Memories


At the end of last week, we reflected on our favourite memories of the trip and created storyboards. Have a look at some of our work below. We hope our pictures and sentences make you smile!

Kingswood Trip


3HG had a fantastic trip at Kingswood yesterday for a Stone Age experience. We had a great time doing a range of Stone Age themed activities such as moving heavy objects, foraging around for food, throwing spears, making bread around an open fire and building shelters using natural materials.