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1ZR 16-17

The children have had an amazing day, taking part in raising money for 'Children in Need'. 

Well done to all!

Artists at work!

The children have been very busy today exploring primary and secondary colours. They were able to identify primary colours, then mix them to create secondary ones. Well done everyone!

The Dance Festival

We were all so proud of the children today! Year 1 all worked so hard to learn and then confidently perform an amazing dance in front of so many people.  Well done Year 1, you were all great!

Seaside Day

On Tuesday, we had our seaside day in Year 1! In typical British style it was very wet and rainy. However, we did not allow the rain to get in the way of our plans. We all came dressed in summery outfits looking forward to a day of seaside sun. We started our day by playing lots of games and seaside themed activities. It was a lot of fun! After playing musical statues in the hall at break time we then got creative moulding clay fish and starting our kite designs. In the afternoon we ate our rocket lollies whilst watching some children perform their talents on stage- Riley's performance of 'Pokemon' had us all smiling smiley. What a wonderful and memorable day! Well done 1ZR on exceptional behaviour throughout. I hope you all had a brilliant time!

Well done Year 1!


All staff want to say a big 'Well done' to the Year 1 children. This week they have completed their Phonics Screening Check and they all worked extremely hard. As a reward, the children enjoyed an afternoon on the field, playing and blowing bubbles. This was of course made even better by the glorious sunshine. Well done Year 1!!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch!


1ZR have had a fantastic morning making their lighthouse sandwiches, inspired by our key text, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. The children worked in pairs to make their sandwiches before they had a chance to do the best bit, eat and enjoy! They were delicious, so I was told. smiley They then created some fabulous instructions using what they had learnt.

Ahoy Me Hearties!


What a fabulous day we have had. The children all looked absolutely amazing as always! Thank you very much for the time and effort that you have spent again, helping to make our Stunning Start day very special.


We began by learning all about pirates and creating a fact file for other people to read and learn about them too. This created lots of excitement just in time to create our pirate hats in preparation for our treasure hunt. Those sneaky pirates had been out and about around school, hiding lots of very tricky clues but we were just too good for them! The children found all of the clues which meant that we found the treasure. How exciting!! The children then created a moving pirate for them to keep.


They have really enjoyed their day and have all been Superstars. It has been lovely to see them working together as a team and all getting involved in the activities. Well done 1ZR! smiley

Our Wyre Forest trip!


Year 1 had a fantastic day when we went to the Wyre Forest as part of our 'Woodland'topic. The children took part in lots of activities linked to Art and Maths in the outdoors. We began by measuring the height and circumference of trees, using not only tape measures, but our thumbs to do this! We also guided our friends from one tree to another using Mathematical language whilst blindfolded which was lots of fun. The children also created some artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy using natural materials found in the woods, whilst also creating a woodland rainbow! 


Take a look at our photographs to see what an amazing day we had!

Happy Holi Day!!!!

World Book Day

We have had a great day enjoying some of our favourite books. We even had some special characters who appeared in class!!!

St.Andrew's Church Visit!


On Tuesday, Year 1 were very lucky as we were given the chance to visit St.Andrew's Church. For some children this was the first time that they had been inside a church and so they were very excited. The Minister, Jan, explained to us all about Baptism and some of the children had the opportunity to act out a real-life christening ceremony using 'baby' Andrew. Also, the children were thrilled when they were able to sample the bread and 'wine'. We were very proud of their fantastic behaviour and the questions that they asked throughout. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt so much which has now given them a super foundation for us to build upon in our RE lessons. 


Thank you to Jan and Pat for having us today. We really enjoyed our morning!

Church visit date correction

Today (13/02/17) you will have received a letter informing you about our visit to St Andrews Church. Please note this should be Tuesday 28th February not Tuesday 28th March. Tuesday 28th March will be the date of our Wyre Forest trip. You will receive a letter with the details of our Wyre Forest trip after half term. Apologies for any confusion! We will send out a date correction letter tomorrow.

The Animal Man


On Tuesday, Year 1 were very lucky as we had a special visit from The Animal Man, Henry. We began by creating questions that we could ask in order to find out the answers. We learnt lots of fascinating facts about various woodlands animals and we even got to hold and stroke them all too. The children were very brave, braver than the adults in fact, and thoroughly enjoyed getting up close and personal to the animals.


The animals that we met today were: Eric (owl), George (bearded dragon), Tink (Tarantula), Oliver and Echo (Geckos), Harriet and Harold (hedgehogs), Jambo and Clive (snakes) and Lily (racoon). 

Park Keepers


The children had lots of fun being detectives in Literacy as Percy Park Keeper had called upon their expertise to help him search for clues to investigate what each of the animals in his park ate. We searched KS1 playground.

Christmas Jumper Day 


A big well done and thank you to all at Straits Primary for raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust by wearing Christmas jumpers on Wednesday 14th December. Once the money has been counted, it will be passed on to Mr Field, a parent of one of our Foundation children, who will be running the London Marathon next year for this fantastic cause. The children all looked wonderful and certainly looked the part. The day was made even more special by combining it with our Christmas Dinner day and so we really felt as though it could have been Christmas Day as we all sat down together to enjoy our dinner whilst listening to carols. 


Thank you for your support as always and for helping us to raise lots of money!


We have had a fabulous week in 1ZR, finishing off what has been an amazing first term together. The children have been busy making lots of decorations to celebrate Christmas and to help them understand the important story behind all of the celebrations. We have also been learning about advent and the meaning behind those very important chocolate advent calendars! The children have thoroughly enjoyed their craft activities and couldn't wait to show their parents at home.


The children have been absolutely wonderful, not only this week, but throughout our first few months together. I am so proud of them all and their effort towards their work. I am looking forward to the rest of the school year together and can't wait to see what brilliant things each and every one of them will achieve. 


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the most wonderful 2017.


Christmas Week!

smiley Smiley Face Biscuits smiley


Over the past two weeks, Year 1 have been learning all about features of instructions during their English lessons. The children have been amazing at being 'bossy' and telling someone what to do! This meant that on Wednesday, they then got the chance to follow a set of given instructions to create their own Smiley Face biscuit and I'm sure you will agree, they were fabulous! The children also assured me that they tasted delicious too. 


After reading and following the instructions, this supported the children in writing their own set of instructions for creating a Smiley Face biscuit for someone else to try. Their writing as a result was absolutely fantastic! I am so proud of them all!


Here are some photos of the children having a brilliant English lesson!

Harvest Festival (6th October 2016)


Well, what can I say? Not only was I blown away by the amazing generosity of our children and parents, but one child out of our class actually shouted 'Wow!' as they entered the hall on Thursday morning after seeing the amazing display of food donated. It really was so wonderful to see all of the food on display together as it truly demonstrated what a fantastic community spirit that we have here at Straits!


On behalf of all the staff at Straits and the local community who will benefit from your donated food, THANK YOU! We really do appreciate your support. Now take a look at the amazing display before it was distributed to local charities.








Before celebrating Harvest in our assembly, the children in 1ZR had a lovely morning learning about the importance of Harvest Festival and the reasons why it is celebrated by Christians. They then discovered how bread is made, right from tiny seeds being planted, through to the packaged bread that we buy from our local shops. The children were amazed! We then spent time sequencing pictures to enable the children to fully understand the process, before completing a piece of art work using a variety of grains such as lentils, rice and barley.


All of the children were very lucky as they then had a visitor in assembly, David Brown, who helped the children to understand the benefit of donating food and how this would help lots of less fortunate people. They listened very well and enjoyed singing Harvest songs, especially the Harvest Samba!


Take a look at our photos of a fabulous morning!














Favourite Soft Toy Request

Please could your child bring in their favourite soft toy into school on Monday 10th October for an English lesson. Your child will take their toy back home at the end of the day.


Thank you for your continued support! 


Wow! What lucky teachers both Mrs Ratcliffe and myself are! We have had a lovely first week with our new class, which was made even more special by our Stunning Start day to begin our new topic of Toys and Tales. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as their favourite film characters and it was so lovely to see their enthusiasm. They spent lots of time discussing their costumes with their friends, before enjoying a film morning watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which will now help them with their writing over the coming weeks. 


Thank you so much for your support with our Stunning Start day and sending the children into school in such wonderful costumes. We appreciate the time and effort it takes.