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1SM 18-19

28.6.19 - Sports Day Fun!


Pirate/Seaside Day 17.6.19
Seaside Games
Treasure Hunt Fun

St Andrew's Church Visit 11.3.19


Year 1 were given the opportunity to visit St. Andrew's Church.

Jan, the Minister at St. Andrew’s, told the children all about the church and she invited the children to go ‘on a hunt’ around church to find various items on a tick list. They all enjoyed our visit, which we will build upon in our R.E. lessons.

World Book Day 2019 

Chinese New Year 2019 


This week we have been learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year. In class, we listened to the Chinese New Year story and had the opportunity to complete a range of linked activities. We learnt how to write our numbers 1-10 in Chinese writing, created pig masks, created Happy New Year cards and even learnt some Chinese words. We have really enjoyed exploring the Chinese culture and celebrating Chinese New Year this week. 

Safer Internet Day 2019


Today we explored the wonders and dangers of using the internet.

During circle time we discussed what the internet is and shared the different ways we use it at school or home. We then talked about what we should do if we were ever unsure about something that we saw when online and reminded ourselves that we should always ask an adult for help. We then created posters to inform other people of the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe when using it. 

Wassily Kandinsky


This week in Art we have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. We researched about his life and discussed his artwork. We then created our own class art piece in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. 

Animal Man!

Today we had a visit from the Animal Man. His name was Spike and he brought along some of his friends to meet us. We found out lots of interesting facts and loved meeting all the different types of animals. We were all very brave and stroked and held each animal. We can't wait to use what we have learnt in our learning. 

Christmas fun!

Our magical Christmas craft afternoon


Thank you to everyone who came and supported our Year 1 Christmas craft afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.smiley We loved spending time with our families, making crafts, showing you our creative skills and performing our Christmas carols.



Victorian Toys


This term in History, we have been learning about Victorian toys. We have explored a range of new and old toys through play, our writing, videos and by using venn diagrams to sort. We have explored how toys were made in Victorian times and how they were used. We then designed our own Victorian 'cup and ball' toy. We used a variety of materials to create our own toys. We even got to go outside and test our toys through play. 

Smiley Face Biscuits  smiley


We have been exploring, following and writing our own instructions over the last couple of weeks. This week we have followed instructions to decorate our own biscuits. We enjoyed working together and couldn't wait to take our biscuits home. 

Autumn Homework

Designing and creating a new dwarf


The children have really enjoyed this homework task and it has been lovely to see all of the different designs and creations. We now have them on display in our classroom for everyone to see. Well done 1SM!!

Pumpkin Breakfast Bars

As part of our 'Design and Technology' curriculum we baked pumpkin breakfast bars. We discussed food hygiene and safety and talked about staying safe when using sharp and hot equipment. We followed instructions and worked in pairs to prepare the ingredients. We then worked in groups to mix all the ingredients together before Miss Millward popped it into the oven to bake. We then waited for the breakfast bars to cook and we each took a sample bar home. We had lots of fun making our pumpkin breakfast bars and listened carefully to instructions. smiley

Stunning Start

As part of our stunning start the children dressed up as their favourite characters. The children loved wearing their costumes to school and had a great morning watching the film 'Snow White.' The children now look forward to exploring our 'Toys and Tales' topic.