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1HG 16-17

Memories, Thank You and Summer Adventures

Today marked our last day in Year 1 together and what a wonderful year it has been! You have been such a special class and an utter delight to teach. I will miss each and every one of my twenty five superstars. You have all earned a brilliant Summer break and I am so proud of you all. Remember, aim for the stars!


I have so many lovely memories this year so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you...

I also want to say a huge thank you to all of you, the families of the children of 1HG. The support you have given me this year has been tremendous. I am so grateful for this. I have felt completely overwhelmed by all of your kind words, cards and gifts this week. I am such a lucky and spoilt teacher! Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness.



For those of you who are unaware, I am moving to Year 5 next year for a new challenge after spending three years in Year 1. Please keep in touch and I will keep my fingers crossed that I will get the opportunity to teach your children again!


Have a wonderful Summer - relax, laugh and have lots of fun!



Lots of love, Miss Garbutt xxxx

Sports Day

After many aborted attempts due to very mixed weather, on Tuesday afternoon, key stage 1 and foundation finally did their sports day! The children were wonderful sportsmen and sportswomen. There was a wonderful competitive and friendly competition among the children and it was a lovely afternoon! As you can see from the smiles, 1HG had a great afternoon! 

Our Final Week

It only seems a short while ago when the children of 1HG entered my classroom for the first time, yet tomorrow marks the start of our final week together. Every child in my class has worked unbelievably hard this year and I am so proud of them all. I hope you were all pleased with your child's reports handed out on Friday. Please come and see me if you would like to discuss anything.


Have a look at how 1HG looked back on our first day... The children have grown so much in many different ways.

Dance Festival

On Friday, it was Straits' annual Dance Festival! This is definitely one of our favourite times of the year at Straits. The children in Year 1 have been practising so hard with their dance over the last few weeks and their performance on Friday was phenomenal! Their hard work paid off and I was bursting with pride. Remembering over five minutes of challenging choreography is not easy at all but Year 1 took it in their stride as usual. It appears there is no end to this year group's talents. Well done Year 1, you are incredible!

Seaside Day

On Tuesday, we had our seaside day in Year 1! In typical British style it was very wet and rainy. However, we did not allow the rain to get in the way of our plans. We all came dressed in summery outfits looking forward to a day of seaside sun. We started our day by playing lots of games and seaside themed activities. It was a lot of fun! After playing musical statues in the hall at break time we then got creative moulding clay fish and starting our kite designs. In the afternoon we ate our rocket lollies whilst watching some children perform their talents on stage. What a wonderful and memorable day! Well done 1HG on exceptional behaviour throughout. I hope you all had a brilliant time!


If you have entered our classroom over the last week you will have spotted our wonderful jellyfish hanging up in the classroom! On Monday afternoon we had a brilliant time creating them. We started by adding our tentacles to half a paper plate. We then used tissue paper squares for the body. Finally we added googly eyes! The children pointed out that we must be creating box jellyfish as they are the only species of jellyfish that have eyes. 

Maths Magician

We have had a very practical week in Maths looking at capacity. We firstly discuss what the terms 'capacity' and 'volume' mean. We then had lots of challenges to find the capacity of containers, find the total capacity of a combination of containers and solve challenging problems. The children have all thoroughly enjoyed this topic and were very sad when we finished!

Our 'Maths Magician' has been standing out for a number of weeks! This week she did fantastically with both the problem solving challenges and practical activities. This person also worked brilliantly as a team, supporting her peers with their work.


This week our Maths Magician is... Yvie!



Yvie, you have done amazingly with your Maths this year! You should be very proud of all the fantastic progress you have made.

Writer of the Week

Last week in our writing lessons we created our own stories based on the 'Lucky Dip' video. We created our own characters to put into the story but used the same setting. Our 'Writer of the Week' did phenomenally! They firstly thought carefully about the design of their characters. When they wrote their stories, they were extremely focused and produced a brilliant story!


This person:

* Included exciting vocabulary.

* Read their work back to check it make sense.

* Sounded out carefully using their phonic knowledge. 

* Included a question in their story.

* Used an exclamation mark.


Our Writer of the Week was... Jake!



Jake is an extremely hard working young man. He could have been awarded the title of 'Writer of the Week' for a number of weeks but this piece of work is definitely his best yet! I have no doubt you will keep up your hard work Jake. Well done!


Jake's fantastic story is as follows:

Once upon a time the little boy went on the grey pier. There was a sign and it said keep out! At the top it said arcade. There were white and fluffy clouds. Next he went in the purple and big arcade. He saw the scary witch. The boy saw a grabber machine. His favourite was the cute fluffy rabbit and it was alive. Would he get it? The witch was playing games. His dad took him away because he was worried about him. The boy had one pound left. The witch found the little boy! The pound fell under the grabber machine. The sad boy walked back quickly. There was a big hole. The yellow boy fell on a patch of sand. The bunny went with the little boy. 

Dance Festival

We will be sending out a letter shortly about Dance Festival costumes. We will be asking children to wear yellow t-shirts along with their PE shorts. We will be dancing to the ‘Lion King’ and will therefore be trying to look like lions with our yellow T-shirts.


File:Simba-2-(The Lion King).jpg

The Big Boat Float

On Monday morning, we took shelter in the shade of the trees for ‘The Big Boat Float’! Both the children and the teachers were very excited to try out the fantastic pirate ships designed for this lesson. It was a fantastic session and a lot of fun. Even Mr Hinkley, one of the Year 3 teachers, stopped by to watch for a while. I would like to once again thank you so much for all of your efforts. These special moments would not be possible without your fantastic support.

Writer of the Week

Last week, we started our English work on a clip from the ‘Literacy Shed’ called ‘The Lucky Dip’. The video is set at the seaside and features a little girl, the ‘pin man’ and a bunny as the main characters. We started by predicting what would happen after the little girl fell down the hole in the arcade. Interestingly, the majority of the class predicted that the ‘pin man’ was a bad character. However, when we watched the video through the next day we discovered that he was actually kind and everything he had done was to help the little girl. We discussed how we shouldn’t judge people on what they look like, but how they act. We ended the week by writing the story of the video. The children did a wonderful job! However, our Writer of the Week really stood out to me and Mrs Gill due to the huge leap they had made in their writing.


This person:

  • Worked independently
  • Wrote a large amount, staying focused for the whole lesson
  • Used adjectives to describe
  • Started some of their sentences with time adverbials
  • Wrote in full sentences
  • Sounded out carefully


This week our Writer of the Week was… Zachary!



Zachary joined us in 1HG at the start of the Summer term and has already made huge strides with his writing. His retell of ‘The Lucky Dip’ was undoubtedly the best piece of writing he has done in Year 1. Well done Zachary. I cannot wait to see how much more your writing will grow in the final weeks of Year 1. Keep it up, I am so proud of you!


For his super retell, Zachary wrote:


Once upon a time there was a little girl. She wandered off into the arcade. She wanted a bunny. Next she went back into the arcade because the bunny means a lot to her. Later on she fell in a deep hole. It was very dark and she was terrified! She fell and she was so sleepy. The sand was soft. The nasty bunny pushed the little girl. She was crying. She felt sad. The scary pin man helped the little girl. She was happy.

Bubbles Quiz

Last week, Year 1 completed their bubbles quiz (phonic screen). We were so proud of the efforts put in by the children and they should all be very proud of how far they have come with their phonics this year. As promised, we had a bubbles play time last week. We had a lot of fun blowing bubbles on the field. Well done Year 1!

Pirate Ships

1HG has been taken over by a fleet of 25 pirate ships! They are absolutely wonderful. I can't thank you all enough for your brilliant efforts in creating these masterpieces. The thought and time put into them is just phenomenal. We cannot wait for 'The Big Float' on Monday (weather pending) where we will be testing whether the boats will float. I will put lots of photos on here for you to see. 


Maths Magician

Last week in Maths we looked at 2D shapes. This is a topic we haven't looked at since the Autumn term so we started by completing a range of activities to help us name and identify 2D shapes.

This week our Maths Magician is.. Harriet!



Harriet is a little mathematical star. She been working extremely hard in Maths and did fantastically with all our challenging shape work. Well done Harriet, we are all very proud of your efforts!

Writer of the Week

For the last two weeks we have been finding our about jellyfish and sharks. We started our unit of work by looking at leaflets and identifying their features. We then researched each creature. Finally we created leaflets, including all the new facts we have learnt about each creature. Our Writer of the Week produced two fantastic leaflets and is going from strength to strength in their writing.


Our Writer of the week...

* Wrote in full sentences.

* Thought of a good title for their leaflet.

* Used conjunctions to extend.

* Presented their work beautifully with neat handwriting.

* Including captions for each of their pictures.


This week our Writer of the Week is... Abigail!



Abigail has been working so hard and she should be extremely proud of herself. Fantastic work Abigail! Have a look at her brilliant informative shark leaflet below:

Maths Magician

We have been tackling some very challenging Maths this week but you would not realise if you entered our classroom! The children of 1HG embrace a challenge and have the most fantastic attitudes! We looked at solving multiplication and division equations in our heads after recapping how to solve them by drawing arrays. We then moved onto comparing equations and using the > < or = signs to compare. 


Our Maths Magician has been phenomenal over the last few weeks! This person has thoroughly impressed me with their attitude, fluency when working with numbers, concentration and problem solving skills.


This week our Maths Magician is... Amelia!



Amelia is a very talented mathematician but she has now pushed herself to the next level! I am extremely proud of you. Keep it up superstar! 

Writer of the Week

Our final writer of the week for the first half of the Summer term was a very impressive riddle writer!

We began our week of work on riddles by playing a game of 'Guess Who' which was very popular.

The children then created fantastic riddles for the guess who characters, pirates and finally things you would find at the seaside. 


Our Writer of the Week:

* Wrote in first person

* Used a range of different openers to start their clues

* Wrote each clue on a new line

* Included exciting adjectives

* Ended their riddle with the question "what am I?"


Our Writer of the Week was... Lacey!



Lacey is such a hard working young lady who has made fantastic progress with her writing, particularly in recent weeks. She has definitely earned the title this week and should be very proud of herself. Well done Lacey!


See if you can solve Lacey's seaside riddle below:


I have sharp claws so I can pinch people.

My shell is bumpy and red.

I move left and right.

My eyes are as small as tiny beads.

What am I?

How to be a Pesky Seagull!

We had a very interesting challenge on Friday to end our unit of work on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'...

Luckily for Bert, the children of 1HG were extremely excited to help him out! We had a lot of fun thinking about the instructions we could give Stanley to be a pesky seagull. We tried hard to include 'how' adverbials in each instruction. As Thomas remembered, 'how' adverbials often end in the -ly suffix. Can you spot the 'how' adverb in each of the following instructions?


Viciously untie somebody's show laces to make them fall over. - Evie S

When someone is asleep, nastily knock on the window. - Alfie S

Sneakily knock an ice-cream out of someone's hand to make them distraught. - Holly

Unkindly steal someone's food to make them hungry. - Amelia

Cheekily pull someone's hair. - Jake 

Loudly squawk in a child's face. - Lacey

Quietly sneak on a boat and get the fish. - Jessica

Unkindly throw someone's sandwiches in the water. - Evie H

Sneakily take the food. - Finley

Maths Magician

This person had to work extra hard to earn the title of 'Maths Magician' as I was looking at how the children had worked over two weeks. Over the last two weeks we have looked at solving addition and subtraction equations by drawing our own number lines. We also applied our knowledge of addition and subtraction to a money context where children found the total money in different purses and finding the right amount of change.


Our Maths Magician is... Jessica!



Jessica has made super progress with her maths over the year. She always works incredibly hard, perseveres when set a challenge and has a fantastic positive attitude. Well done Jessica, you are an incredible 'Maths Magician!'

Sketching Homework

Last week, lots of you worked hard at sketching different objects. Your homework was brilliant! I really enjoyed looking at the different sketches you completed. Take a look at our sketching homework below:

Purple Mash log-in

It has been fantastic to hear about how many of you are going home and trying to access Purple mash! However, I have heard some of you have been having a few difficulties logging on. If you try to log-in via purple mash directly this will not work. You need to go via the webpage. I had put these instructions on a little while back but to save you scrolling through many posts I thought I would pop them back at the top!


To access Purple mash at home, please follow these instructions:


1. Go onto the Straits webpage:


2. Select parents > useful links


3. Click on 'RM Unify' 


You will then see the following screen:



4. Enter your log-in details from the back of your green homework diaries into RM unify.


If the following screen appears, tick both boxes and click 'launch RM Unify'.



5. Scroll down until you find the Purple Mash application.


Lighthouse Sandwiches

On Friday, we created our own Mrs Grinling inspired 'Lighthouse Sandwich'. We used jam and white bread to create the red and white lighthouse stripes. We carefully read each of the twelve instructions to create scrumptious sandwiches. Most of 1HG liked instruction number 12 best - "Eat and enjoy!"

Pirate Day

What a fantastic day we had in Year 1 for our stunning start! Mrs Gill and I were a little bit nervous when 25 terrifying pirates entered our classroom on Wednesday. The costumes were incredible - thank you so much for your support with this! 



We started our morning by finding out all about Blackbeard, a very infamous pirate who lived just over 300 years ago. We were surprised to find out that he was only a pirate for two years!


We then had a mission to hunt for treasure. We divided ourselves into pirate crews and followed clues around the school to try and find the treasure!




After break we made our pirate hats. We used a card template to cut out the front of the hat, and we cut out the skull and crossbones to go on the front.

In the afternoon we designed split pin pirate puppets!

Writer of the Week

We have started our Summer topic by looking at the book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We have really enjoyed exploring this book together and produced some phenomenal writing! One of our tasks was to rewrite the story.


Our writer of the week's piece of work was incredible!


This person:

* Used time adverbials to start their sentences in different ways

* Used the conjunctions 'and', 'but' and 'because'

* Wrote in the past tense

* Remembered to use capital letters for names


This week our writer of the week was... Yvie!



Yvie joined us a few months ago and has blossomed in 1HG. She always works incredible hard and is just a fantastic role model to all around her. I am so impressed with how much progress you have made with your writing, Yvie. Keep up the wonderful work. You are a star!


This is Yvie's phenomenal retell:


Last week in our Computing lesson, we continued to create stories on Purple Mash with a partner. The children thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of using both their typing and drawing skills. 

Summer Term

I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter holiday and enjoyed eating lots of chocolate! I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday to start our final term together. Please remember to bring your 6 pictures that you have drawn of the different things you have got up to in the Easter holidays with you on Monday as this is when we will be writing about them.


Our topic for the Summer is 'Ahoy me hearties' and it is brilliant! We will be finding out all about the seaside, sea creatures and pirates. Prepare yourselves for a lot of fun!



Just before we broke up for the Easter holiday, you will have received a letter about our upcoming 'pirate day' to start our topic. This is on Wednesday 3rd May. Remember you can come dressed up but we will be making pirate hats in class so there is no need to purchase expensive costumes. Arrrrr!


Wyre Forest Trip


At school this morning there was a buzz of excitement in the Year 1 classrooms as it was the day of our trip and it did not disappoint! When we arrived at the Wyre Forest, we were met by our park rangers, Sarah and Alex. They firstly informed us about what the Forestry Commission did and the children were given the opportunity to share their fantastic knowledge.


Our morning focused on Maths in the forest. We started by blindfolding each other in pairs or threes and used directional language to direct each other to a mystery tree. The child who was blindfolded then carefully felt the tree (including hugging it!) to try and help them identify it when their blindfold was removed. There were lots of giggles as well as brilliant teamwork in the forest during this activity. We were then set a measuring challenge by Sarah. In our groups we chose a few trees. We then measured the height of these trees using three different methods.


After our morning activities, we worked up an appetite and enjoyed eating all our delicious treats in the warmth of the Discovery Centre. After lunch it was time for our art activities. We became explorers to hunt for a rainbow of natural materials. After our colour hunt we then created pieces of art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural materials. We created artwork in our groups as well as creating a year group art piece.


What a memorable day! Our park rangers commented that the children were so well behaved, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Well done Year 1, as always you were a credit to Straits Primary School.


Thank you to all for their support with this trip.


Copy and paste the link below to see a video of some of our photos!



Maths Magician

Last week in Maths we looked at division. We began by solving division equations using objects and then moved onto drawing our own arrays. Our Maths Magician embraced every challenge set for her! She is really flying with her Maths and should be extremely proud of herself.


Our Maths Magician is... Holly!



Keep it up Holly! You are a little star!

Writer of the Week

Last week in our English lessons we looked at Little Red Riding Hood. We ended the week by retelling the story for our portfolio books. We complete a piece of writing at the end of each term for our portfolio books. This will mean at the end of Year 6, you will be able to see how far you have come at Straits from the start to the end of your journey! For these pieces of writing, the children have the challenge of writing completely independently. However, 1HG love to embrace a challenge and last week was no different.


The quality of writing was incredible! Our Writer of the Week's progress in writing is just phenomenal! This person could not work any harder. They have an incredible attitude and are always determined to achieve their best.


This person:

* Used exclamation marks for shocking sentences!

* Remembered capital letters for names.

* Sounded out very carefully using their phonic knowledge.

* Wrote in full sentences.

* Presented their work beautifully with small handwriting.


Our Writer of the Week was.. Finley!



Finley wrote the following story. What a wonderful author you are! I am extremely proud of you Finley.


First Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest to her Grandma. In the basket was fizzy lemonade and yummy cupcakes. The wolf jumped out of the bush. Then the wolf talked to Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf sneaked in her Grandma's house. Little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door. Little Red Riding Hood went upstairs. Little Red Riding Hood said to her "What big eyes you have." "I can see you better!" Little Red Riding Hood ran down the stairs. The woodcutter heard Little Red Riding Hood scream. The woodcutter lifted his axe above the wolf's head.

Wyre Forest Trip

*update (27/03/17): The weather is currently forecast to be cloudy with a chance of showers.


I cannot believe how quickly time has flown this term! We are already entering our final two weeks before Easter holidays! On Tuesday it is our trip to the Wyre Forest. The weather is currently predicted to be dry but Wednesday has showers. Also as it is currently Friday, the forecast could easily change! As detailed on the letter, children can wear their own clothes suitable for the outdoors. Please also ensure sturdy shoes or wellington boots are worn as much of the ground is uneven and muddy. Thank you for your support for this trip!

Red Nose Day

Thank you for your kind support for Red Nose Day on Friday. We enjoyed wearing our noses to support such a fantastic cause! As Mrs Birch reminded us in our praise assembly, every little helps!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended this afternoon. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and like all the different crafts the children have created for you. I was immensely proud of every member of 1HG who bravely and confidently stood up and said the lines in their poem, sang the songs and talked about their picture. I hope you all enjoy Mother's Day and have a wonderful weekend!



If you would like to watch our Mother's Day Video again copy and paste the link below:

Please note this is an unlisted video and therefore will not appear if you search for it!


On Monday we had such a fun and memorable time celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi. All the children and teachers enjoyed covering each other and the playgrounds with explosions of colour. Thank you for supporting us with this amazing day!

Maths Magician:

Our Maths Magician this week demonstrated their fantastic knowledge of fractions. We enjoyed a range of practical activities to help us to confidently find half or a quarter of a shape or object. We then moved onto finding half or a quarter of amounts or quantities. We solved these equations by drawing arrays. Our Maths Magician excelled with all aspects of our Maths lessons this week and is extremely confident at applying her half and quarter knowledge.


This week our Maths Magician was... Abigail



Well done Abigail, you are coming on leaps and bounds with your maths and you should be very proud! Well done!

Art: Paul Klee

This week in Art, we looked at Paul Klee. Paul Klee uses tones in his work. We discussed how to create tones of different colours by adding white. We then created a Paul Klee inspired tone painting. we started with the original colour we chose, and then added increasing amounts of white to make paler tones of the colour.

Writer of the Week

This week in English we continued our work on adverbs. We started the week by planning and writing a setting description for the woods at night. We then moved onto writing a setting plan and description for a haunted house. 


Our 'Writer of the Week' is a superb setting writer! This person included:

* wonderful adverbials

* exciting sentence starters

* suffixes -s, -es, -ing and -ly

* you read your work back to check it makes sense


Our Writer of the Week was... Alfie G!



Alfie's setting description for the woods at night is phenomenal. Have a look below at Alfie's wonderful writing:





Last week in Maths, we continued to look at multiplication. We looked at arrays, wrote the equations for them and then found the answer by counting in 2s, 5s or 10s. We then moved onto drawing our own arrays to solve equations and word problems. Take a look below at some photos of us being array explorers in the hall.

Maths Magician:

Our Maths Magician this week is amazing at multiplying and has excelled with interpreting and drawing arrays. This person has demonstrated a super understanding of multiplication!


This week our Maths Magician is... Jake!



Jake thoroughly enjoys Maths and is definitely deserving on the title this week. He has also amazed us with his times table knowledge.

World Book Day

On Friday it was Straits' World Book Day! 1HG had wonderful costumes and enjoyed doing lots of inspired reading activities, including creating riddles for storybook characters and sharing our books with older children. Thank you so much for the fantastic effort you made so the children could come in brilliant costumes and fully embrace World Book Day.

Computing: Purple Mash Monsters!

This week in computing, we learnt how to log on and went on Purple Mash. If you would like to try Purple Mash at home you can access this from the school website using your log-in details at the back of your homework diaries. This week we created our own monsters, practised our typing skills by naming our monsters and also learnt how to save a file.

Painting - Mark Rothco

This week in art we looked at the artist Mark Rothco. Mark used blocks and lines of colour. As well as using the primary colours he also enjoyed mixing paints to create different colours. We used the three primary colours to create purple, orange and green. We then used all the colours to create our own Mark Rothco inspired 'field paintings'.

St. Andrews Church

On Tuesday we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to St. Andrews Church and were very appreciative that the weather was kind to us! We met a minister called Jan and another person who helps at the church called Pat. They were so welcoming and we learnt a lot from them including baptism, communion and features of a church.

Maths Magician

In our final week of the half term we looked at length and solved a variety of problems. Our Maths Magician was very accurate when using a ruler to measure objects in centimetres. She was also able to find the total length of two objects, the difference in length between objects, and solve challenging word problems. She applied her adding and subtracting knowledge fantastically to solve these problems and is a brilliant mathematician!


Our Maths Magician was... Isla!


Isla you are an amazing mathematician. Keep it up! 

Aboriginal Art

On Friday, we had a very exciting morning finding out all about Australia. We researched how their countryside is different to that of England including the wildlife that lives there. We then looked at different types of Aboriginal art, focusing on dot painting. A huge thank you to Ciaran's Mum who kindly brought in a selection of items and photos from when she visited Australia. As spotted by the children, some of the items which Ciaran's Mum had brought in for the class had dot painting on them! We then created our own Aboriginal art paintings using cotton buds and paint. Whilst painting we listened to didgeridoo music as the children were intrigued to find out what sound they make. 

Writer of the Week

In English last week, we looked at woodland poetry. We created an alliterative Gruffalo poem, an acrostic poem and also performed woodland poetry. The children of 1HG are fantastic poets and have enjoyed writing wonderful poetry. Our Writer of the Week wrote an exceptional acrostic poem as well as performing 'The Hedgehog' poem with great confidence, 


Our Writer of the Week:

* Used wonderful word choices throughout.

* Presented their work beautifully.

* Correctly applied the suffixes -s, -ing, -ly and -er.

* Read their work back to check it makes sense.

* Applied the format of an acrostic poem.


This week our 'Writer of the Week' was... Charlotte!



Charlotte you are a brilliant writer who always works incredibly hard. You should be so proud of what you have achieved. Keep up the fantastic work! Have a look at Charlotte's super acrostic poem below:



In Art this term, we will be looking at six different artists, focusing on their use of colour. We will then create our own pieces of art inspired by the artists. The first artist we looked at was the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Mondrian liked to use the primary colours in his work as well as white areas and black lines. We used red, blue and yellow rectangles to create our own Mondrian inspired pieces of work. We placed the rectangles and squares close to each other to give the impression that there are black grid lines separating the shapes.

Church visit date correction

Today (13/02/17) you will have received a letter informing you about our visit to St Andrews Church. Please note this should be Tuesday 28th February  not Tuesday 28th March. Tuesday 28th March will be the date of our Wyre Forest trip. You will receive a letter with the details of our Wyre Forest trip after half term. Apologies for any confusion! We will send out a date correction letter tomorrow.

Whooooooos owl is that?



We have enjoyed both our owl crafts this week! Whilst some children were painting their clay owls, the other children created these brilliant paper owls. We used two different sized circles for the eyes, a large triangle beak and many small triangles for the feathers. 



Take a look at how we created our paper owls:

Writer of the Week

This week we looked at the following book all about a wombat who causes lots of problems for the humans she lives near. At is says in the blurb, 'she is a wombat with attitude!'


We enjoyed describing the wombat's personality and appearance on Tuesday. On Wednesday we became the wombat and empathised with her feelings at different parts of the book. Finally on Thursday we wrote our own diary entries. Mrs Gill, Mrs Pinson and I were all jumping with joy at the end of the lesson! What an incredible class of writers we have! However one person completely blew us all away. His writing was just sensational! We even went to see Mr Hazlehurst to show him and he was astounded too. 


This week our writer of the week:

* Wrote in full sentences.

* Sounded out each word very carefully.

* Used the conjunction 'and'.

* Described using interesting adjectives.

* Wrote in the first person.

* Filled two whole pages.


Our Writer of the Week was... Logan!



Logan you are amazing! The children of 1HG predicted it just had to be you this week and are as proud of you as I am. Your hard work and perseverance is paying off. Aim for the stars Logan!


Logan's wonderful diary entry is below:



I woke up and I brushed my teeth. I went in the car. After that I had a glass of squash. Then I wrote about a wombat. In phonics I wrote words and boom full stops. Outside I had grapes and apples. Then I had oranges.



For lunch I had beans and a drink. I played superheroes with James. In PE I did rolls. I was really good. We had fruit and juice. We played the two four six game. Then we had assembly. I went home.



I played games. I drank squash. I had macaroni and it was delicious.

Maths Magician

We looked at lots of different topics this week so our Maths Magician had to work very hard! On Monday we looked at positional language such as on, underneath, next to, left, right etc. On Tuesday we thought about directions including turns. We started our lesson by going into the hall and doing some line dancing! We practise moves forwards, backwards, right and left. We also put clockwise and anti-clockwise full, half and quarter turns into our dance. On Wednesday we looked at ordinal numbers (first, second, third etc.) and had many exciting challenges applying our knowledge! Then finally on Thursday and Friday we investigated odd and even numbers.  'Mr Odd' and the 'Even twins' helped us to remember which numbers are odd and even.



Our Maths Magician this week took all these challenges in their stride! They excelled in all these areas striving to achieve their very best.


This week our Maths Magician is...   Evie H!


Clay owls

After our excellent owl sculptures we had created last week had dried, we painted them. We mixed different colours and made wonderful unique owls.

Choosing Artists

This week in choosing, some children enjoyed being creative on the whiteboard. I promised to put their photos on our webpage.


This week in Maths we have been thinking about weight. We have compared the weight of objects using the vocabulary light, lighter, lightest, heavy, heavier, heaviest and balanced. We have had a lot of fun working in teams to carefully measure the weight of objects. We have recently learnt to add and subtract in our heads. We applied this skill to find the total weight of two objects on Wednesday and found the difference in weight between two objects on Thursday. 

Maths Magician

This week, this person stood out for their measuring accuracy and focus. They also worked excellently in a team, collaborating very well with others. I have been so impressed with this person's attitude in Maths sessions and is a very worthy holder of the title of 'Maths Magician' this week.


This week our 'Maths Magician' is... Rosie C!

Writer of the Week

This week in English we have been finding out about wolves.1HG have learnt so much and are now wolf experts! Our final piece of writing was to create a wolf fact page. The children looked carefully at each subheading and thought of great facts which would fit into each section. Our Writer of the Week's fact page was exceptional!


This person:

* Wrote brilliant facts for each section.

* Included a great 'did you know' fact.

* Wrote a caption for the photo.

* Used the conjunctions 'and', 'but', 'when' and 'or' to join ideas.

* Had fantastic spelling.


Our Writer of the Week was... Alfie S!



Alfie is a brilliant writer. You will learn a huge amount from Alfie's wonderful fact file below:

Clay owls

On Thursday we created clay owls! We will wait for the clay to dry and then paint them next week.

The Year of the Rooster

On Tuesday, to celebrate the 'Year of the Rooster' we had a lot of fun creating our own roosters!

3D Shapes

At the end of last week in Maths, we began looking at 3D shapes. To help us identify the properties of 3D shapes we did many different activities including sorting them into a Venn diagram, creating them out of lollipop sticks and play dough, building castles thinking about which 3D shapes would be best for each part and going on a 3D shape hunt around the classroom. I saw the amazing 3D shape hunt homework you have done at home today and they were brilliant. Thank you so much for all the effort that has gone into this!

Animal Man

On Tuesday morning, an animal man called Henry came to visit us. He brought:

* Tink the tarantula

* Oliver and Echo the geckos

* Eric the owl

* George the bearded dragon

* Harriet and Harold the hedgehogs

* Jambo and Clive the snakes

* Lily the racoon


We found out lots of fascinating facts about these animals and had the opportunity to handle or stroke each of them.



On Monday morning, Percy the park keeper asked us to help him find out what the animals in his park ate. We searched for clues around the playground.

Junk Modelling

We had a fantastic morning on Friday creating either pencil pots, photo frames or a jewellery box. Take a look at us being very creative!

Science: Naming our Body Parts

In our Science lesson this week, we learnt all about our different body parts. To start our lesson I wanted to find out what parts of the body the children could already name. Abigail, Logan, Harriet and Lacey volunteered to be our 'human body models' whilst their team members labelled as many parts as they could in three minutes. 

Maths Magician

In Maths this week we looked at subtracting in our heads. This is very difficult as it means the children need to be able to count back from any number. However, the incredible mathematicians of 1HG once again thoroughly impressed! The Maths Magician this week has stood out since returning from the Christmas holidays. He was able to accurately and speedily solve very challenging subtraction equations. I even challenged this person to take away two numbers in their head such as 73 - 8 - 5 =. He embraced all the challenges this week including tricky word problems and has been a super star!


This week our Maths Magician was... Alfie G!


This week we completed our unit of work based on 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. On Tuesday the children drew brilliant story maps using their own terrible creature in place of the Gruffalo. 

Writer of the Week

We then used our detailed story maps to help us to write our own stories using the terrible creatures we created last week. I thought this was a very difficult task but once again the children took this challenge in their stride. The 'Writer of the Week' for this week has made outstanding progress this year with her writing! Both the quality and quantity of her writing have improved so much!


In their writing, this person included...

* The conjunction 'and' to join their ideas.

* Wonderful adjectives to describe

* The -ed suffix for past tense verbs

* Incredible spelling


This week our Writer of the Week was... Ella-Mai!



Ella-Mai you have definitely deserved the title this week! You are a confident and talented author. Keep up the sensational writing! Take a peek at Ella-Mai's excellent alternative version of the Gruffalo below:


The little brown mouse took a stroll through the forest and he bumped into a fox. He felt worried that the fox was going to eat him. The mouse told the fox I am having tea with a Mr Fuzzy. He has sharp claws, his fur is matted and his belly is rainbow coloured. The fox ram away to his underground house. He took a stroll through the forest again and he bumped into an owl. The mouse was feeling scared that the mouse was going to eat him. He told the owl, I'm having tea with a Mr Fuzzy. He has sharp horns and his teeth are as sharp as anything.





Gruffalo Masks

This week in art we created our own Gruffalo masks. To begin with we coloured our masks using pencil crayon. We then cut them out carefully with scissors. Finally we learnt how to 'tease' wool and then stuck this down on our masks for the Gruffalo's fur. The results were fantastic! Have a look at our art lesson in action and some of our mask creations.

Junk Modelling Plea

Thank you so much to everybody who has already sent some materials and packaging into school for our junk modelling morning on Friday. We are creating relatively small items (a pencil pot, photo frame or jewellery box) so if anybody has any small boxes, yoghurt pots etc. these would be particularly useful for the stucture of the children's creations. 


I will make sure I take lots of photos of the children in action to put on this webpage - junk modelling is always a lot of fun! 

English: The Gruffalo

This week in English we have started looking at the Gruffalo story. On Tuesday we created 'WANTED' posters to try and find the Gruffalo, as he was last seen running through the forest away from the 'scariest' creature in the wood; the mouse.


On Thursday, we received a very exciting letter...


All the children were very excited about this challenge and were very keen to help Julia Donaldson. The children thought very carefully about their designs. Take a look at all our 'terrible creatures' below, if you are feeling brave...



Writer of the Week

This week our Writer of the Week piece of work was to describe how the mouse was feeling at different parts of 'The Gruffalo' story. Our Writer of the week really stood out with their vocabulary choices and focus.  


This person: 

* Used exciting 'feelings' adjectives to describe

* Varied their sentence openers with different time adverbials

* Wrote in full sentences

* Included an exclamation mark appropriately in their work

* Read their work back to check it makes sense

* Wrote in past tense, remembering the -ed suffix where needed for verbs.


Our first Writer of the Week of the Spring term is... Evie S!


Evie, you are an incredible writer and it is so lovely to see how you too now believe this! Well done Evie, you are a star!


Maths Magician

In Maths this week we have tackled a very challenging skill of adding on in our heads. This is the first time we have attempted this in Year 1 and our Maths Magician was amazing! He was able to confidently and accurately solve addition equations in a variety of formats with ease. This is down to his wonderful attitude and focus when working independently.


This week our Maths Magician is... Thomas!



What a wonderful week you have had Thomas. Keep up the fantastic work! 

Into the Woods...

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful break. During the Spring term our topic in Year 1 is 'Into the Woods'. On Tuesday 24th January, an animal man will be coming to visit us. We are also planning a trip to the Wyre Forest at the end of March with some very exciting activities! 


Merry Christmas!

What a fantastic week we have had in 1HG! We have created advent wreaths, quilled snowflakes, elf decorations and calendars as well as many other christmas craft activities. On Tuesday afternoon, Santa made the long journey from Lapland to Straits. We were so excited when we saw him! He even gave us all a treat to take home. Also to end our Toys and Tales topic this term, we were able to watch two fantastic Disney movies. The children chose Aladdin and The Lion King. On Thursday afternoon, we had our Christmas disco with 'Disco Dave'. We all had the most wonderful time dancing to lots of fun songs. After our disco we ended the afternoon with party games. 

Can I also say a huge thank you to you all for all the cards and gifts from all the teachers in Year 1. We have been overwhelmed with your kind words and generosity. Your children have had a wonderful first term in Year 1 and I feel very lucky to be their class teacher. They all work so hard and are a credit to you. They have definitely earned their Christmas break. I hope it is a very enjoyable time for you, the children and all your families. 


Your homework for the Christmas break is to eat lots, laugh and have a lot of fun! See you all in 2017!







Can I also say a huge thank you to you all for all the cards and gifts. I have been overwhelmed with your generosity.

Thank you!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the adults who came to our Year 1 Christmas afternoon. You made it so special for all the children and were the most wonderful audience. It was such a lovely end to the week and we hope you enjoyed the time you spent with us. The children in Year 1 should all be very proud of themselves for their incredible singing. It is a little scary standing up and singing in front of a large audience but I'm sure you will agree their performance was phenomenal!



What is special to you about Christmas?

On Friday morning I asked the children what is special to them about Christmas. Their thoughtful ideas included:


* Remembering the Christmas story

* Giving and receiving presents

* Writing Christmas cards for their friends and family

* Helping to decorate their Christmas tree

* Opening their advent calendars each day

* Singing Christmas carols

* Eating a delicious turkey dinner


Maths Magician

In Maths this week we continued with our work on money. On Monday we looked at the different value notes there were. Charlotte even knew about the £50 note! We then applied our knowledge of counting in 5s and 10s to find the totals of different combinations of notes. We then thought back to when we looked at place value. We recapped our knowledges of tens and ones and then applied this to 10p and 1p coins. Finally we paid for different items applying our tens and ones knowledge. For example 24p = 2 x 10p coins and 4 x 1p coins. Our Maths Magician this week has grown from strength to strength in Maths. They are now confident in their own abilities and are able to apply their knowledge to different concepts with ease.


The Maths Magician for this week was... Ella Mai!


Ella Mai your Maths has flown in Year 1. Keep it up superstar!

Writer of the Week

This week in English we did a very important job. In September and then at the end of each term from Reception all the way to Year 6, children complete a piece of independent work and this is put into their writing portfolio books. At the end of Year 6, children will be able to see their amazing writing journeys at Straits. For our portfolio week, we wrote the story of Cindarella. The progress of the children's independent writing from September was phenomenal. The children had an opportunity to look back at their portfolio work from September and they were amazed how far they had all come. It was definitely a day where I felt incredibly proud of every single member of 1HG. What superstars you all are! The Writer of the Week has had an amazing few weeks! This person...


* Wrote so much!

* Remembered capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

* Used fantastic word choices throughout.

* Began to apply the -ed suffix for past tense verbs (e.g. turned, danced).

* Presented their work brilliantly.


Our Writer of the Week was... Evie H 



Evie you are a star. You know how impressed I am with not just the quality of your writing but also the increase in your quantity of writing, which has earned you the nickname 'Speedy Evie'. Have a look at Evie's super Cindarella story:

Year 1's Christmas Afternoon (Friday 9th December)

The children and I are really looking forward to welcoming you into our classroom on Friday for a craft afternoon. Please arrive at 1.30pm. You will be creating a Christmas decoration for your tree and a moving Christmas card! At the end of the day the children will be singing a selection of Christmas songs for you. We have been practising very hard with the words, tune and actions! Your child will be able to leave at 3.00pm along with any siblings in the school. This is also the date of the final after school club for gymnastics. If your child is attending the gymnastics club they will remain in school with their school teacher until the club starts. Please pick your child up at 4:30 as usual. 



This week in English, we looked at the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit', which is my favourite children's book! 



On Tuesday we read the letters of red crayon, beige crayon, pink crayon and purple crayon finding out why they wanted to quit. We then empathised with these crayons thinking about how they feel and the reasons why. The writing was outstanding!


The next day we looked at blue crayon but didn't read his letter. We looked at how short he was and predicted the reasons why he may want to quit. We also became blue crayon so we could write our letters in first person. Below are some of the children's amazing ideas they put into their letters.



* I colour too many big things such as the sky, seas, rivers and whales.

* I am overused and I am getting shorter and shorter.

* If I get much shorter I am worried I might get lost or be thrown away in the bin!

* I wish I was pink crayon because he is never used by Duncan.

* I would love to draw tiny blueberries or small fluttering butterflies.

* I need a rest!


We then thought about what blue crayon might get up to if he left Duncan. The children thought of many ideas and drew these into their own story maps. Ideas for places the blue crayon could go included the farm, the moon, X Factor, the beach, surfing in the waves and walking through the forest as well as many other brilliant ideas.


Then finally on Thursday we used our story maps to write a diary entry for Blue Crayon explaining all the different things he had been up to. This was our Writer of the Week piece of work!


Writer of the Week

As always in 1HG, the quality of the writing was amazing! However one person stood out and blew me away with their phenomenal progress since the beginning of Year 1. This person:


* Used the conjunction 'and' to join their ideas together

* Sounded out carefully using their phonic knowledge

* Presented their work excellently.

* Wrote in full sentences.

* Worked completely independently!


The Writer of the Week was... Rosie M!



Rosie you are a star! We cannot believe how far you have come this term and you should be incredibly impressed with yourself. We are all very proud of you. To find out about the adventures of Rosie's blue crayon, read below:


This week in Maths we started our week by adding and subtracting numbers on a number line. Then we ended our week by beginning to look at money. On Thursday the children looked at the different coins identifying their value. We then played coin games and completed a quiz. Finally on Friday we used our knowledge of counting to count in 1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps. Some of us also had a go at counting in 20ps! The children were incredible demonstrating their strong foundation with number.


If you would like to try any coin related games the topmarks website linked below has lots of interactive counting and ordering activities.

Take a look at the intense concentration when counting in different amounts:

Maths Magician

This week our Maths Magician has really stood out for his wonderful attitude. This young man always strives to achieve his best, is incredibly focused and inspires others. He demonstrated how he can confidently and accurately solve mixed addition and subtraction equations using a number line. He also could match the eight different coins to their values and count in 2ps, 10ps and 5ps.


Our Maths Magician for this week was... Finley!


Finley you are doing so well with your Maths. Keep it up!

Writer of the Week

This week in English, we were looking at non-fiction texts. We started the week by being detectives and identifying the features of non-fiction books. We then researched Florence Nightingale, finding out all about her life. The children were very interested and were able to retain many interesting facts about her. During the week we created a glossary and wrote lists of facts. We ended the week by creating a Florence Nightingale fact file. The children did a wonderful job on this very difficult challenge. Our Writer of the Week this week:


* Wrote interesting and detailed facts under the correct subheadings

* Sounded out carefully

* Presented their work beautifully

* Read their work back carefully to check it makes sense


The Writer of the Week was... Harrison!



Harrison you have had a phenomenal week. Your fact file was amazing and shows what a wonderful writer you are. You will learn many facts you didn't know about Florence Nightingale by reading Harrison's fact file:


This week in Maths we have been looking at repeating patterns. We had a great time on Monday creating lots of different patterns by making paper chains as well as creating patterns of objects, cubes and beads.

Maths Magician

After looking at repeating patterns of colours, shapes and objects we moved onto looking at number sequences. We started by counting in 10s, then in 2s and finally in 5s. Our Maths Magician this week was incredible! This person can confidently count in 2s, 5s and 10s. They were able to solve many tricky problems and thoroughly impressed! This week our Maths Magician is... Evie! Evie you are going amazingly in Maths. Keep up the brilliant work!

Children in Need

On Friday, there was a lot of excitement around the school as it was 'Children in Need' day. After break the children had an opportunity to visit all the classes in key stage 2 to look at the stalls the children had created and spend their money! We were amazed at the different stalls the children had set up. We had the most wonderful time. Straits raised over £1000 which is incredible! Thank you so much for all your support on this special day. You have made a huge difference. 

Maths Magician

This week in Maths we continued with looking at place value. Using objects representing tens and ones, the children learnt to add and takeaway ten. Some children also learnt how to add and take away different multiples of ten. We ended the week by the children solving mixed add and subtract word problems. Mrs Gill and I are so incredibly proud of all the children. Our Maths Magician this week has demonstrating a phenomenal work ethic and attitude in Maths lessons. He has worked incredibly hard this week and has thoroughly impressed! 


The Maths Magician this week is... Alfie S!



Alfie, you are an incredible mathematician! You are a wonderful role model in our Maths lessons. Well done!

English: Writing Instructions

This week in English, we continued our work on instructions. We had a particularly exciting lesson on Wednesday where we carefully followed instructions to create a smiley face biscuit. Snow White wrote a letter to us explaining she had created a recipe for the biscuits which she was planning to make for the seven dwarfs. However, she was very busy and didn't have time to try out her recipe so asked the children if they could help her. The children were very keen to help creating delicious biscuits. 

Unfortunately, overnight, Snow White lost her recipe. She was very upset and worried as she couldn't remember how to create the biscuits. Luckily, the children offered to write the instructions for her so she could use them to decorate her biscuits. As this was a very important task, this was our writer of the week piece of work.

Writer of the Week

In order to create clear and excellent instructions, we applied what we had learnt over the last two weeks. Our Writer of the Week did this fantastically! Their instructions were presented fantastically and written in full sentences. This person remembered their finger spaces and used their phonic knowledge to sound out very carefully. Their instructions also included:


* A title 

* Clear concise instructions

* A fantastic choice of bossy verbs (e.g. wash, mix, squeeze)

* A range of time adverbials (e.g. next, then, finally)


This week our Writer of the Week was... Jessica!



Jessica, your progress in writing this year has been incredible! You have the most wonderful attitude, always striving to achieve your very best. You should be extremely proud of yourself. Keep it up Jessica!


If you are tempted to create some smiley face biscuits at home, you can use Jessica's very clear instructions!