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1ER 18-19

Year 1 had a very special visitor! Animal man came in with some friends to help us learn more about different animals, we saw lots of different animals and had the opportunity to hold and touch most of the animals. The bearded dragon was not very hungry, All of year 1 were very brave and touched every animal that they could!
We have been looking at the Gruffalo. As a class we thought about how the mouse was feeling at different points in the story, we split into groups and used freezeframes to show his feelings.

Santa visits year 1!

Santa came to visit 1ER, he spoke to us about what we would like for Christmas and left us some gifts to keep us going until Christmas time. He also sang Christmas songs with us!

We made Christmas hats to wear for our school Christmas dinner. We drew lots of Christmas themed things, coloured them in and used glitter to decorate them.


We also made calenders to take home, we used lots of different materials including glitter, cotton wool and paint to show all four seasons. We took these home to use as calenders for the rest of the year.

Christmas Craft Afternoon

Year 1 really enjoyed our Christmas afternoon. We had a lovely time making lots of Christmas things with our adults who came in. We also loved singing our Christmas songs for our adults to help us all get in the Christmas spirit.
We followed instructions to decorate our biscuits with smiley faces. We looked at each instruction and made sure we followed them correctly and in the right order. We discussed why we had to do things in the order the instructions said. They looked delicous, we took our biscuits home to eat!
We conducted an experiment to find out which materials were waterproof, we looked at a number of materials and we tired to make sure Monster Munch did not get wet! We made predictions to which materials we thought would keep Monster Munch dry and wrote up our results.
Year 1 started the year by showing off our favourite film characters and dressing up as them while we watched Snow White, everybody looked fantastic!