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Ruby enters the classroom every single morning with a beaming smile on her face, wishing me good morning. Instantly, that makes me smile. She has such an infectious personality, her smile makes everybody else smile and when she laughs, the whole class laugh with her. Ruby is also incredibly helpful, she will always go out of her way to help her peers as well as staff. She is kind and caring and is always one of the first to go over to someone if they are upset on the playground.


This year, a big focus for Ruby has been her independence, especially with her writing. I have been so impressed recently with how Ruby has concentrated and listened during our Literacy lessons and I can see that the advice that she has been given, is evident in her written work. When working with her group, she constantly has her hand up to share her ideas. Similarly, during whole class discussions, Ruby is never afraid to share her ideas or answer a question, even when she is unsure whether she has got the correct answer or not. She is such a trier and never gives up.


The last few weeks in Science, Ruby has displayed such great enthusiasm and has been asking fantastic questions. She has enjoyed developing her understanding of Sound and has really worked well with her peers during investigations. Also in PE, Ruby works incredibly hard in every single lesson and it is clear that she really enjoys all sports and will always give 100%.


Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Ruby this year and the class would definitely not be the same without her. Well done for a superb year Ruby, keep it up!




I am praising Evie this week for her fantastic progress in Literacy, especially with her writing. This last term, it's like something has just clicked with Evie. Every lesson, I look over and she is focused and on task all of the time. She is so determined to achieve her WILF in every single lesson and because she is aware of her targets, she is taking much more ownership on her work and achieving every one of her targets. I have been so impressed with Evie's use of different openers, her use of complex sentences and her use of similes recently. I remember back to the start of the year when Evie did not use commas accurately. She always knew where they were supposed to go, but just forgot to add them in her writing. It is very rare now that I have to remind Evie to put in her commas because she is doing it much more independently. She has also worked hard to include other types of punctuation including hyphens. Well done Evie for making fantastic progress with your writing.


Not only in writing, but in Guided Reading Evie has made great progress. She is now starting to use more evidence from the text and her inference skills have been improving too. She is a fabulous reader and it is a real pleasure to listen to her read. She has gained in confidence so much this year and because of that, she has made superb progress. Mrs Derrick has seen a big improvement with her written responses during Comprehension lessons too, so this just shows she is being noticed by other staff too.


Evie has had a fantastic year in Year 4. She is a delightful member of the class, she is a kind friend and will always go out of her way to help people. She has been a real pleasure to teach. Well done for a superb year!




Oliver is being praised this week for his superb progress, especially in Maths. It is clear that Oliver has a real passion for Maths and this has helped him to make fantastic progress this year. Because there are a lot of concepts to learn in Maths, it isn't always easy to remember everything, especially all the different methods. However, Oliver has put a great amount of effort into his place value skills as well as his fractions and decimals knowledge and now he is remembering a lot more. When we do little starters to recap certain concepts e.g. rounding, Oliver just seems to remember it like that! I also have to praise him for his reasoning and his problem solving skills. In nearly every lesson, Oliver manages to move onto the extension challenges which usually involve some kind of reasoning or problem solving. He is now working logically and can explain in words how he has got to his answer.


Not only have I seen superb progress in Maths, but also in other subjects. Oliver has made excellent progress in Literacy this year and he has worked hard to achieve the Year 4 targets. I have been so impressed with his determination and perseverance, especially with his handwriting. It has taken Oliver a while to get his pen license, and although he could have given up trying, he hasn't. He has persevered, listened to advice from staff and has now achieved his pen license. Not only his handwriting, but the content and quality of his writing has also improved. In Guided Reading, he is making good predictions, inferring ideas and now using more evidence from the text in his answers.


Also, I have to mention Oliver's behaviour. At the start of the year, there may have been occasions where Oliver may have made the wrong choices outside on the playground, usually during football. However, these last two terms, Oliver has definitely turned it around. All members of staff in Year 4 have seen a huge difference in his attitude and his maturity. I am no longer hearing as many problems that have been happening during football and that just reflects how Oliver has become more mature as the year has gone on.


Finally, Oliver is a great school council representative for our class. At the beginning of the year, he didn't always seem as confident when speaking in front of the class and sharing the minutes from his meetings. However, now, he stands at the front of the class with real confidence and he was definitely the right choice for our class. Oliver has lots of positive qualities: he is a great friend, he is polite, kind, caring and most of all he works really hard. Well done for a positive year Oliver, keep it up for next year!




I am praising Athena for her fantastic knowledge in Science and for adding to the learning of her peers. Athena stands out to me in every single science lesson, I think there's a secret scientist in her somewhere. In every science lesson, she shines out, shares her knowledge, displays great enthusiasm and always asks fantastic, high-level questions. In our science lessons, we always have to do some research in order to find out the answers to some of Athena's amazing questions- she definitely keeps me on my toes! Because of her fantastic ability to ask questions, Athena is constantly adding to the learning of her peers, making them re-think about their predictions. She always asks the 'What if...' questions which make the whole class think!


Athena has also added to the learning of her peers in other ways. I have to mention her homework standard because every single week, Athena produces another amazing piece of homework that blows the class away. Last week, she had created her own Viking Myth using her knowledge from Music and it was so creative. She even worked hard to include lots of her literacy skills in it too!


I also have to praise Athena for her progress in literacy this term. I have been on at Athena quite a lot recently about her handwriting because it's like she forgets to join her handwriting when it comes to literacy. However, since coming back after half term, she has shown determination and commitment, and as a result, her handwriting has improved greatly! Athena was also awarded with Star Writer this week because the content of her writing was fantastic also. She is working hard in every lesson to achieve everything off her WILF, and because of this, the quality of her writing, as well as her presentation have improved greatly!


Finally, I have to mention Athena's reading. Listening to Athena read, is always a great pleasure. I can just sit there and listen to her because she reads accurately and with great maturity. I never have to stop Athena when she is reading because her fluency is really good! She has also gone up a reading stage this week and her comprehension skills during Guided Reading have been amazing recently. In Guided Reading this week, you made sure that you used evidence from the text in the majority of your answers and because of this, your answers were more accurate. She also did really well in her reading text last week and achieved a great score!


Keep up the hard work Athena, you have made fantastic progress this year!






I am praising Polly this week for showing great perseverance, especially in PE. Polly is a bubbly member of the class who comes in every morning with a big beaming smile on her face. She is such a lovely girl who is incredibly polite and helpful. I have loved teaching her this year in Year 4. She is a great friend to everyone and she will always go over to someone if they are upset about something and try to cheer them up. This just shows how everyone appreciates her as a friend. Polly is always one of the first to ask if there are any jobs to be done and is a real help in the classroom. She isn't just a great help in the classroom but is also helpful outside the classroom, of which other members of staff have noticed. Mr Hinkley praised her the other day for reading to the younger children during her library job at lunch time. This was lovely to hear and I am so proud of her for that.


In terms of PE, I know Polly isn't always confident but she will always give it a go. At the start of the year, there were occasions where Polly might have given up if she found something really difficult but I have seen a huge change in her recently. When we were practising our bowling skills in Cricket the other day, Polly persevered well and listened to the Cricket coach carefully. After listening to his advice, you preserved and were successful and your team then didn't drop the ball during the competition.


I have also seen this perseverance during Literacy, especially with your spelling. I am so proud of you for using your word mat carefully now and you are making sure you ask me or Mrs Derrick if you are unsure of how to spell a tricky word. This just reflects how much your confidence and independence has grown this year.


Finally, I was really impressed the other day that you went home and found out more about the Water Cycle and you brought this back into the classroom. I hadn't even asked you to do that, and you took it on yourself to go home and find out more about it! Well done Polly, you have had a fantastic year and whichever teacher you get in Year 5 will be lucky to have you!






I am praising Archie for his determination and improved attitude in Literacy, especially with his writing. Archie has made fantastic progress with his writing this year and is now working hard in every single lesson to achieve all parts of his WILF. He is asking me to check his work which shows how determined he is to make sure what he has written is correct and that it makes sense. I am so impressed with how he is using a wide range of openers now in his work and his ability to use different conjunctions to create complex sentences. Within lessons, he is now contributing a lot more and this just reflects how much his confidence has grown in Writing this year. Not only in his writing, but during Guided Reading sessions, both myself and Mrs Derrick have seen big improvements in his written responses to questions as well as his vocal ideas when working in his group. 


I also have to praise Archie for his presentation skills. I don't think I have ever taught a boy who is as neat as Archie. He is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his work and every time I open his book to mark his work, I am so delighted when I look at it. It is beautifully presented, his handwriting is accurately joined and this is because he takes time and cares about his work. This is not just in Writing, but in every single subject. His presentation is consistent in every single book. Even when we are just taking notes on a scrap piece of paper, his handwriting is beautiful! 


Another thing I have to praise Archie for is his sporting skills. Archie is an all round sportsman who has skills in a variety of areas. He is a great team player and will always do his very best to help his team. This week, all of Year 4 were practising ready for Sports Day and his house 'Oxford' only has a few boys in it. Archie hates skipping, but when asked if he would do it on the day he realised that he needed to take one for the team. At first, he was very unsure and I know deep down that he hates the idea of it. I was so proud of him for taking one for his team and I know that he is going to do fab in the skipping on the day of Sports Day!


Overall, Archie is a delight to have in the classroom, he makes people laugh, he is friends with everyone, well mannered and polite. You have grown in confidence and maturity this year and I know that this is only going to continue as you move into Year 5. 





I am praising Paige this week for her mature attitude and for her sporting skills when representing our school. I have noticed a real difference in Paige the last few weeks, her attitude and maturity has improved so much since the start of the year. At the start of the year, if Paige had any falling outs with friends it was over silly things that needed to just be forgotten about and moved on. Paige used to get very upset in these situations and was very sensitive. However, after our discussion, the improvements I have seen in Paige is fantastic! She has really grown up these last few months. I can't remember the last time Paige and her friends had a falling out and if she does, I know that she does her very best to try and solve the situation independently with a mature and sensible attitude. This is fantastic progress so well done Paige. 


The second thing I am praising Paige for is her golfing skills. When Mrs Bradfield told me and Mr Hardeman that we could enter some of our Year 4 children into a golfing tournament, we were so excited! However, we hadn't done any golf with Year 4 at this point so we decided to do a one off golf lesson to see who had the skills and Paige really surprised me and turned out to be one of those children. When I told her that she had been chosen, her face was a picture- she couldn't believe that I had chosen her! As you know, Year 4 went on to win the tournament and are now through to the Black Country Games which is fantastic. You were a real role model for our school that day and myself and Mr Hardeman were very proud of all of you that represented our school that day!


Another thing I have to mention is your writing progress. I remember when Paige used to depend on myself and others for ideas during Writing lessons however now, she is much more independent and focused. She is working hard in every single Literacy lesson to try and include all the different skills we have learnt this year. Also, Mr Hardeman has told me how well you are doing in Maths. He said you are now starting to believe in yourself more and instead of asking others if you are right, you are believing in yourself and are getting the answers right on your own. You are showing fantastic independence so well done for that! 


Finally, I have to mention your fantastic homework effort; I don't think Paige has missed a week of homework! The standard of effort that goes into Paige's homework is fabulous! She goes above and beyond and I am certainly seeing that same attitude in all of our lessons. Thank you for your hard work and effort Paige- it is really paying off!




I have to start off your praise by saying how delightful you are to have in the classroom and to teach every day. You are so incredibly helpful to both myself and your peers. If ever I need any jobs doing, you are always one of the first to offer and whenever you finish your work, you always offer a helping hand to your peers when they need it. Your enthusiasm for our topics and your learning in general is fantastic and this is reflected in your homework effort, which I don't think you have ever forgotten to do! You are incredibly kind and caring and you are a super friend to everyone; you get along with every single person in the class. You are very mature, independent and extremely resourceful and you use your initiative during lessons.


I have to mention your musical talents Alexia. You play the clarinet with such confidence and I specifically remember when you had created a piece of music for one of your homework tasks. I remember how nervous you were about performing it in front of the class, however, you got over your nerves and played the clarinet beautifully. Your writing this year has been excellent and you have made superb progress since the start of the year. In every single lesson, you work hard to try and include lots of different literacy features and you always like to ask me to check your paragraphs which just reflects how determined and committed you are to your learning. You are a natural leader in the classroom, especially during group situations. However, you never use your leadership skills in a negative or bossy way and teachers like those kinds of children. You use your skills to support others, not to show off.


Alexia, I couldn't ask any more of you, you are like the perfect student who has a range of talents which you share with your peers. Your effort never goes unnoticed and that is evident in everything that you do. You are so driven to be successful and your passion for learning is great to see! I am so pleased that I have had the pleasure of teaching you this year in year 4 and I am certain that you are going to move on to doing wonderful things, both at Straits and beyond. Keep up the hard work Alexia- well done!




I am praising Fraser this week for his fantastic progress in Literacy and for showing great enthusiasm in his learning.


I thoroughly enjoy teaching Fraser every single day, you brighten up the classroom and put a smile on everyone's face. Recently, your enthusiasm during Topic has been amazing! Your confidence has improved massively this year; you are now putting your hand up a lot more to ask and answer questions and also to share your ideas with the rest of the class. You have a fantastic sense of humour which I love. Whenever I see you with your friends, they are always smiling and laughing and this just shows that everyone loves to be around you. You really made the whole class and myself laugh the other day in our Topic lesson about the Mayans. We were discussing some of the Mayan achievements and we had a little discussion about how the Mayans used coco beans as their currency to pay for things. You then came out with a logical but funny comment, 'They say money doesn't grow on trees but it did for the Mayans'. You had the whole class in stitches.So thank you for your enthusiasm and your great sense of humour because all classes need someone like you to brighten up the day.


Not only are you a lovely person Fraser, but I have to mention your fantastic progress in Literacy. I don't think you actually realise how much progress you have made with your writing this year. Your handwriting has improved so well done for that. But the actual content of your writing now makes much more sense, it is structured well and you work so hard in every lesson to try and include lots of year 4 features. It is fab to see how determined you are to achieve things in writing, especially when I give you a bingo sheet with lots of features on it. Your head is down and you are determined to get every literacy feature in there! Because of this Fraser, your confidence has improved too so keep it up. Not only in writing are you making fab progress, but also in your reading. We did a reading comprehension test this week and I was so impressed with your score. It was quite a difficult test and to achieve the score you did was fantastic!


Finally, I have to praise you for your superb Badminton skills. When we first started Badminton in PE this term, there were only a couple of children that could actually hit the shuttlecock and return it over the net and at the start, you weren't one of those people. However, after a couple more lessons, your Badminton skills have really come on. This determination and hard work that you have shown has just proved how successful you can be if you work at something. Just like in PE, you have shown this hard work and determination in Literacy too and because of that, you have made wonderful progress so far this year. So Fraser, you are a delight to have in the classroom, you brighten up everyone's day and I know the class would agree with me when I say, 4KJ would definitely not be the same without you!




I am praising Rosie this week for going above and beyond in all areas of her learning and for being a true Straits Model Citizen!


I could have praised Rosie every single week, since day one in year 4 she has stood out to me. In every single lesson, it doesn't matter what it is, Rosie goes above and beyond. Whatever I ask of her, she will do it but will always go that extra mile. She is so focused in all tasks and her hard work and determination never goes unnoticed.


Her writing progress this year has been absolutely fantastic! I remember being really excited when I read your first piece of writing back in September, thinking I can't wait to see how far this girl is going to come and you have certainly not let me down. You listen so well that your writing just keeps on improving every single week. You have a natural, creative flair when it comes to writing and I could have awarded you with Star Writer every week. I thoroughly enjoy marking your writing every week so thank you for that!


I also have to mention your wonderful maths skills. I am not lucky enough to get to teach you in Maths, but don't worry because Mr Hardeman always tells me how amazing you are. The other day I noticed Mr Hardeman was photocopying some maths reasoning and I had a sneak peak at it, not knowing who's book it was. I didn't even have to look at the label to see who's book it was because I just knew that it was yours. I was so impressed by your reasoning and explaining within Maths, it is to a very high standard and I know Mr Hardeman always uses your work as a guide to show the other children in Year 4 what standard he is expecting. I can't believe you are only in Year 4 and you are producing that quality within Maths so well done you!


Finally, your passion for PE really stood out to me the other day too. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been great this week and because of Mock SATS, we were limited to space for PE so my class did CyberCoach in the classroom. We focused on our fitness levels and did combat training and fitness training. You had a smile on your face throughout the whole PE session and you did not stop moving. At the end of the session, you were upset that it was over and I just thought that really reflected you as a person. You are so hard working, you never give up, you love to learn and you are so determined to make progress. Not everyone is lucky enough to be talented in everything Rosie, but you are. You never show off with your talents, sometimes I don't think you are aware of how talented you actually are. You are going to go very far in life Rosie, I have every faith in you. Keep on doing what you are doing because you are amazing. Thank you for being a super role model and you fully deserve those three letters: SMC.




I am praising Sam this week for improving in all areas and for his hard work and positive attitude to all areas of school life. Sam is one of the quieter boys in our class, but I have really noticed him this week, especially in terms of his effort and attitude to his learning. At the start of the year, Sam was someone who would try and get things done by doing the bare minimum and would often tend to rush his work and this was mainly due to his confidence, especially in writing. More recently however, Sam's attitude has completely changed and he now realises that he can do it, he just needs to believe in himself. The quality of his writing has improved incredibly since the start of the year and I think Sam is starting to realise why I nag him so much and that's because he can do it. Mrs Derrick also mentioned your name to me the other day and commented on how well you have been working in comprehension, you have been putting much more detail into your written responses which is wonderful to hear. Sam has been working extra hard on his handwriting too and his joining is now coming along nicely.


I also wanted to mention how well you are progressing in Maths. Sam seems to have a real passion for Maths and I love watching Sam during Maths because you can see the enjoyment and determination on his face. If Sam has made a slight error, he won't moan about it, he will go back and correct his mistake persevering until he gets it right. He has also been working through many mastery challenges including reasoning and problem solving and his explaining within Maths has improved greatly!


A great team player, Sam works hard in all group activities whether it's in PE or Topic. Sam stands out in every PE lesson to me due to his wide range of skills and knowledge in a variety of sports. This week in Topic, we worked in small groups to create a Mayan board game and you were really motivating your group to get the game finished. I heard you at the end saying 'Come on you two, we haven't got long left' and this just shows how determined you are to get things finished. You are never bossy when working in a group, but you have the right attitude to motivate your peers.


Finally, I have to finish off by commenting on your manners and how polite you are. You are such a lovely boy Sam and everyone is your friend within Year 4. I never hear anyone moan about you or you moan about anybody else, you just come in every day, get the job done and you have the right attitude. You have made so much progress since the start of Year 4 so well done. Keep up the hard work!




I am praising Harrison mainly for showing fantastic knowledge and enthusiasm during our trip to the Botanical Gardens last week. From the start of our trip to the very end, Harrison was enthusiastic and involved in everything. During the start of our day, our class were in a classroom learning more about the rainforest. The lady asked so many questions and Harrison was always one of the first to put his hand up. I was so impressed with how he used his learning from our topic lessons and how much he had remembered in order to answer lots and lots of questions. I was really proud of Harrison during this and it was great to see how his confidence has really improved. This confidence and fantastic attitude continued throughout the whole day, even when we went into the tropical house where it felt like we were actually in the rainforest. For some children this was an uncomfortable experience due to the hot, humid environment. However, Harrison didn’t let the heat bother him and he worked so well with his peers to explore the different plants and to answer the questions from the quiz. You really stood out to me on this day Harrison and you did yourself and everyone at Straits proud!

Not only did Harrison stand out to me on our trip, but within school I have noticed a real improvement in his work and his attitude. Harrison now seems a lot more determined to do well and is making great progress, especially with his writing and his maths. Recently, I have seen him producing much more detailed paragraphs and he is now working more carefully to check his spellings, which is a target Harrison has been working on. In maths, he has made fantastic progress with fractions and decimals and has also been moving onto mastery extensions within most lessons.

Finally, I have to mention Harrison’s tremendous sporting abilities. In every PE lesson, Harrison works his socks off. In particular, it was incredible to watch Harrison during Tag Rugby- I have never seen a child run so fast to score a try! His determination and team work were fantastic and I am now starting to see this much more in the classroom too! Considering you were new to our school at the start of the year Harrison, your confidence has come a long way. You have made some wonderful friendships and I know that the children in year 4 really value your friendship. Keep up the hard work and determination- well done Harrison!





I want to start off your praise by saying I could have praised you every single week since you started in September. However, I've been waiting and waiting to see what else you can do that WOW's me and you have certainly WOWED me these past few weeks! When I think of the words 'Straits Model Citizen' lots of qualities come into my mind such as: role model, hard working, dedicated, well-mannered, helpful and lots more. You definitely show all of these qualities both in school and outside of school Gabriella, and that is why you are a true SMC.


You have such a mature attitude when it comes to doing your work and you always put in 110% effort. Even when you are not feeling too great, the work you produce is still to an excellent standard! Your manners are fantastic- you always go above and beyond, making sure you never forget to say please or thank you, or opening doors for people. Every morning, you walk into the classroom and always wish me a good morning. This instantly puts a smile on my face! You are definitely one of the most hard working children in 4KJ and I think all of your peers will agree with me when I say that. I have to mention how helpful you are, not just to me or other members of staff, but also your peers. You always ask me if there are any jobs that I need doing, and Mrs Derrick has commented on how helpful you are to her also. Finally, you are a true role model to all pupils here at Straits and if everyone follows in your footsteps, then I'm sure they will go on to do great things just like you.


I cannot praise you without mentioning your fabulous writing. When you started in Year 4, you were already an amazing writer and I remember thinking- WOW this girl is good! If I am being really honest, I was a little bit worried as to how I was going to get you to make so much progress in Year 4 because you seemed to have just 'got it' already. However, because you are an excellent listener, and you persevere and are so dedicated and committed to your work, you have made fantastic progress with your writing. I could award you with Star Writer each week if I could because your writing is so amazing! At the start of the year, you seemed to give me too much description and at times, your writing didn't always make sense. You took my advice on board, went away and worked on your sentence structure at home and now each piece of writing you do is superb!


Finally, I have to mention your enthusiasm for our 'blogging'. When I introduced my class to our blogging system, they were all so excited to start blogging. Gabriella, however, is the most enthusiastic blogger I have ever met! She is always posting new blogs, creating quizzes for her peers and they always respond to your comments. Gabriella, you fully deserve the title 'SMC' and I know that you are going to continue showing all of these qualities throughout school life and in the future.


Thank you for being a star! Well done, you should be very proud of yourself smiley




I am praising Grace this week for her fantastic contributions in ALL lessons and for making fantastic progress, especially with her writing and her reading!


Grace is an absolute star to have in the classroom and 4KJ would definitely not be the same without her. I notice Grace in every single lesson and this is because she puts in 110% effort. She is always one of the first children to put her hand up to answer a question or to share her ideas with the class. Grace has real confidence when it comes to speaking out in front of the class and she knows that it doesn't matter if she gets the answer wrong, as long as she gives it a go. I know that I can always rely on Grace to share her ideas so thank you for that Grace!


In writing, Grace has been making super progress with her sentence structure. I have been so impressed recently with the quality of her work. I am seeing so many Year 4 targets in her work now and if I compare her work to the start of the year, I had to prompt Grace in nearly every single lesson with her ideas, her grammar and use of openers. However, she is now starting to work much more independently and I am seeing more of these Y4 targets in every piece of writing. In particular, her opening to her rainforest adventure story was excellent! Her use of direct speech, which was punctuated accurately, was also superb and that is a difficult target to achieve. Another thing I have been impressed with is how she is using her time wisely at the end of a writing lesson to make sure she has really checked your work. She is now also doing this more independently rather than me having to prompt her which is great!


Also, in Guided Reading Grace has been making fab progress! I worked with her group this week and she was so involved with our group discussion. Her hand was the first to go up every time to answer a question. She is so motivated within lessons, she never just sits back and lets everyone else do the work and that just reflects your hard working attitude and determination to do well this year. I have also just moved her up a reading stage too because she has been making huge improvements with her fluency and her understanding of the text.


Finally, I had to mention Grace's skills in PE. Grace is a natural sports woman who is so knowledgeable about a range of different sports. She is a great team player and uses her skills to help teach others. Her Capoeira skills in dance were fantastic!


I am so proud of Grace's achievements and progress so far this year- keep it up Grace. Well done!



Lexie has a fantastic attitude to learning and that is within every single lesson. When facing any task, she listens carefully, asks questions if she does not understand and always puts in 100% effort, making sure she finishes the task to the best of her ability. When working in a team, she always plays her part. She listens to her peers and always offers her ideas. Within class discussions, she is always one of the first to put her hand up and is not afraid to give something a go, even when she knows it’s quite challenging.


In Maths, Lexie is making superb progress. She is always one of the first children to get onto the extension challenges and her positive attitude is reflected in her work. She uses her skills to support her peers if they need any help and I know that her peers really value her support within Maths.


In Writing, I have been really impressed with her effort and attitude. The quality of her writing is improving every single week. She now varies her sentences, making sure she is using different openers and different conjunctions and will now check for errors a lot more carefully than she did at the start of Year 4.


Also, Lexie has been working really hard to improve her reading. I have now moved her up to the next stage. In all Guided Reading sessions, Lexie shows a great understanding of what she has read and infers ideas accurately. She uses her knowledge of the world and makes links well.


Lexie is making superb progress so far this year and I know that this is only going to continue.

Keep up the hard work Lexie, I am very proud of you! Well done!




I am praising Harry this week for his fantastic progress in Literacy, especially with his writing. Harry is one of the most hardworking boys in the class. Although he is one of the quieter boys in the class, he definitely does not go unnoticed. The quality of his writing each week just keeps getting better and better. I just had to award him with Star Writer last week- his writing blew me away. His handwriting has been absolutely brilliant too. We have had a big focus on handwriting in Year 4 since we came back after Christmas and the children have been so determined to get their pen licenses, Harry being one of the most determined. He has now been awarded with his pen license too! He was so proud to achieve his pen license and it was lovely to see him rush to tell his friends that he had been awarded with it.


Harry has excellent listening skills within all lessons and this is always clear when I come to mark his work. It is evident that he has listened to everything I've said because I can see it in his work. Good listeners go far and he is definitely going far this year in Year 4. Harry also has great resilience and perseverance skills. His never give up attitude always enables him to succeed in every lesson. In Literacy, he will show me his work and ask if there is anything he has missed or anything he could improve on. Any suggestions I give to him, he will accept them and go away and complete them. Mr Hardeman has also noticed this perseverance within Maths lessons, especially with his problem solving. If he has got the answer wrong, Mr Hardeman will ask him to go and have another look at it and this never phases Harry, he will just go away and persevere until he has come to the right answer.


A final thing I wanted to mention is Harry's homework effort. Each week, Harry never forgets to do his homework and it is always clear how much time and effort has been put into it at home. Overall, Harry is a wonderful member of the class and it is a pleasure to teach him every day. Thank you for being such a star Harry- keep up the hard work and continue with your never give up attitude- your perseverance will help you go far!




I am praising Phoebe this week due to her growth in confidence and for being a delight to teach. Phoebe is a wonderful member of the class and she stands out every single day in every single lesson. I was trying to think of adjectives to describe you and then I started thinking of adjectives to go with your name:


P- polite- You are so polite and never forget your manners

H- hard working- You are one of the most hard working members of the class and that is evident in every single lesson

O- outstanding- You are an outstanding friend to all, you never have fall outs or moan about anyone

E- enthusiastic- You show great enthusiasm when learning new things, especially when it's to do with our topic

B- brave- I have seen you challenge yourself in many different ways especially in PE

E- eager- You are always eager to learn and to share your ideas in order to make progress!


The main reason I am praising you this week is for your growth in confidence in all areas of your learning. I have seen a big difference in you since you first came into Year 4 in September. In Maths, you are now putting your hand up a lot more, whether it be to answer a question, or whether it is to ask for help- you are not afraid to admit that you find things difficult which is really brave. In Literacy, you are making wonderful progress with your writing, especially the sentence structure. You have also been sharing your ideas really well during Guided Writing. In reading, your fluency and pace is really improving and you are now starting to use more expression. In PE, I was so impressed with your tennis skills and your Samba dancing. You always give 100% even when you find things tricky!


A final thing I wanted to praise you for is your handwriting. On the first day back after Christmas, I remember noticing your handwriting during our stunning start and I remember saying to you, "You've been practising your handwriting during the holiday haven't you?" You have been so determined and committed when it comes to handwriting, you even wrote me a little note expressing how hard you are going to work and how much you love Year 4. You are so committed to your learning Phoebe and that note just proved it. Your learning doesn't just happen in school because you take it home and put in more effort after school. You have now finally been rewarded with your pen license and it is fully deserved. Well done for all of your hard work Phoebe, you truly are a delightful member of the class and I love teaching you!




I am praising Isaac this week for his excellent team work skills, especially during PE. I decided I was going to praise Isaac during our Volleyball lesson this week. For this lesson we were playing volleyball matches in the annexe. We had two courts set up so we could have a mini competition. A lot of children in 4KJ were fussing and arguing over silly things such as if the team had scored a point, or if the ball had gone out etc. Isaac however, did not moan once! He listened to everyone's views, offered his opinion in a nice and mature way, without shouting, and then told everyone to move on and carry on with the game. Although I hadn't selected captains, Isaac was a natural leader during this lesson, organising his team, making sure they were rotating so everyone had a go at serving and even offering his peers support when they needed help with serving. You really stood out to me during this lesson Isaac- well done! It's not only during PE that I see these fantastic team work skills, it's in every lesson so thank you for that!


You are also a great friend to everyone Isaac. I don't think you have ever had a fall-out with anyone in your whole time in Year 4. I never hear anyone moan about you or hear you moaning about someone else. You are just a lovely boy who is kind, caring, considerate of others and you just want to come to school every day, do your work and have fun with your friends. You are very laid back in everything, but sometimes that is a great way to be! I am so proud of how much progress you have made already Isaac, and you have only been in Year 4 for a term! Isaac knows how much Mr Hardeman and I nag him about his pace and presentation, however, compared to the start of the year, you have come a long way! In Literacy, you have so many ideas and sometimes I'll look over at you in lesson and you won't be writing. I know that you are on task because I can see you thinking about what to write next. It's as if you have a big thought bubble above your head which is filled with superb ideas. I also wanted to mention your reading progress as well. You are such a fantastic reader Isaac and it is a real pleasure to hear you read. You read at a fantastic pace and with great expression. It's like listening to an adult at times! You did fantastic in your reading test recently too.


Thank you for being a wonderful person, you are a great asset to our class. 4KJ would not be the same without you! Keep up the hard work and you will go far!






I am praising Fran this week for her growth in confidence and for being an absolute delight to teach. I've seen a real difference in Fran's confidence recently, it's like she is a completely different person. She is really starting to come out of her shell compared to at the start of the year. I think your confidence has always been there but you didn't always show it. When you first started in Year 4, I noticed that you needed a lot of reassurance, you needed to know that what you were writing was good and you needed to know that in maths, your answers were correct. You now know yourself that you are a very clever girl with many talents. You know that it is ok if we get things wrong as long as we have a go and always try our best and you do exactly that! You are making superb progress, especially in Writing and I really look forward to marking your writing each week. I usually have to keep reminding you about commas but yesterday when you asked me to look at your writing, your use of commas was fantastic. This just shows how far you have come since September. You are never afraid to ask for help but what I've noticed about you Fran, is that you don't just come straight to me when you don't understand something. You really try to work it out yourself first, then you might ask someone on your table and then as a last resort, you will come and ask me or Mrs Derrick. That reflects your independence so well done for that!


You are a fantastic team player too Fran! You really stood out to me during PE this week, especially during Tennis with Mrs Adams. I was watching you and Paige because you were partners, and the way you were getting stuck in and helping each other was fantastic! I think you are definitely going to surprise yourself when you realise how good you are at Tennis. And all of this is down to your growth in confidence.


I have to mention your extremely hard work during Children in Need last week! It was last Friday, during Children in Need day, that I decided I was going to praise you this week. Your team work with Alexia and your dedication to your stall was tremendous! You were so helpful, especially with the younger children, helping them count their money and making sure they understood what they needed to do on your stall. I could see that you really enjoyed having a responsibility and I think that you and Alexia were a great team! I see this dedication and commitment in all areas of school life and I can't thank you enough for that!


Well done for all of your hard work- keep it up!


Emily Winwood


Emily, I could have praised you right at the start of Year 4, in fact, I could have praised you every single week! I'm glad I have waited until now to praise you because I have been able to watch you grow more and more in confidence every single day! Emily, you are truly amazing! I could not ask any more of you in terms of effort and attitude to your learning. I notice you in every single lesson. Whenever I ask the class to stop, you are always the first to stop what you are doing and to listen. Because you listen, you get everything right, you listen to instructions carefully and I know that things are going to get done properly. Your attitude to learning is PERFECT Emily- and I don't use that word often. You are also one of the quieter members of the class Emily, but that does not mean that you are forgotten about.


You are such a fantastic collaborator, whenever I put you in a group, you always make sure you do your part. Like Thomas, I know I can put you in any group and you will get along with everyone. You never have any friendship issues within class or during playtime. You are a real friend to everyone. You have wonderful manners too and you never forget to say please or thank you. You come into school every single day with a huge beaming smile on your face and you just lighten up the classroom as soon as you walk into it! Another thing I have noticed about you is how much you want to keep bettering yourself. You always go that extra mile with your learning, making sure you have done all you can to achieve the best. You are putting your hand up a lot more now in class and this just shows how much your confidence has grown since the start of the year.


Overall Emily, I can't say much more than- you are fantastic! Your hard work and determination means that you are going to be very successful this year. I forget that you have only been in Year 4 for a little while, because you have improved so much already since the start of the year. Thank you for all of your wonderful hard work and amazing effort in every single lesson. You are a real star who shines out every single day! Keep it up, well done!



Thomas Allsopp


Thomas, you really are a superstar! Although you are one of the quieter members of the class, you are definitely noticed in every single lesson, both by me and Mrs Derrick. You are such a lovely boy with incredible manners. Your confidence is growing in every subject and I cannot wait to see how much progress you can make this year. I have never heard anyone say a negative word about you, you are always doing what you are supposed to be doing- on task and focused in every single lesson! You are friends with everyone in the year group and I know that whichever group I put you in, you will do your part and the team will be successful.


I wanted to mainly praise you for your progress in writing Thomas. The last few pieces of writing you have done have just blown me away. You are someone who has such amazing ideas and these are always evident in your writing. Your use of descriptive vocabulary is fantastic! I didn't know that you knew that many words! In Year 4, we have been looking at how we can make our descriptive writing better by using different types of figurative language e.g. using personification and similes. You were excellent when it came to this. You were just full of ideas, sharing them with your peers. Your ideas were magpied in other children's work so I know that your friends thought your ideas were super too!


I also wanted to mention your handwriting. I know how hard you have been trying with your handwriting, making sure you are joining your letters correctly and making sure your ascenders and descenders are positioned accurately. You are so determined to get your pen licence and that is wonderful to see. Keep trying hard and putting that effort in Thomas and it won't be long until you get your pen!


A final thing I wanted to say is, hearing you read is such a pleasure! I don't always get to hear you read a lot in Year 4, however, when I do, it is such a delight. You show such interest in what you are reading and you are always willing to share your opinions with both me and your peers. I really enjoyed hearing you read your non-fiction book about planes the other day- you were teaching me facts that weren't even included in the book! You are making such wonderful progress this year Thomas and I know that this progress is just going to continue!


Thank you for being a superstar, I feel very lucky having you in my class this year! Well done- keep up the hard work!




Gracie, I am so pleased that I have you in my class this year- you are an absolute delight to teach every single day! I feel so lucky teaching you every day because I know how much you love learning. I don't think I know anyone more determined than you! You are extremely hard working and have the most wonderful attitude to school life and I see this in every single lesson.


I have really noticed your confidence start to grow since the start of the year, especially during group situations and during whole class activities. Although you can be very quiet, you will always put your hand up to offer ideas and the ideas that you share with us just blow me away. You wouldn't think that you are only in Year 4! Your vocabulary is superb, you really impress me in Literacy with your creativity. You are always asking me if you can get a thesaurus to up-level your vocab and that just shows how determined you are to succeed and to continue improving. You have excellent skills when it comes to using figurative language like similes, metaphors and personification and when we share our ideas, I know that people listen to you because your ideas are magpied in their writing! Mr Hardeman has noticed how well your confidence has grown in maths too- we just want you to start believing in yourself now!


A final reason I wanted to praise you this week Gracie is for your effort outside of school. I am so impressed with your homework each week, you raise the bar every single time! You never forget to hand your homework in and you are so proud of your work which is wonderful to see. But not only your homework, you also take it on yourself to do extra work when you are at home, whether it be related to our topic or whether it is about something you are interested in. You are so enthusiastic about sharing what you have done and I am so impressed with how your attitude to learning continues when you are at home. I know you are going to do really well this year, I have every faith in you! Well done for all of your hard work, I don't need to say keep it up because I know you will! Thank you for being a super star!





Alex, you have stood out to me since day one of starting Year 4 and you have had a fantastic start to this year. I want to start off by saying what a lovely boy you are. I don't think I have ever met a child as nice as you. You are so kind, you are caring, you are extremely helpful to both me and your class mates, you always go above and beyond with your manners and you have great listening skills. All of these qualities make you a great role model to everyone in Year 4 so thank you for shining out!


In all lessons Alex, you give 110%, whether you are doing something that you really enjoy or whether it's something that you dislike. You aim to please and you never let me down. Where you stand out to me the most is during class discussions. I know that I can always rely on you, in every lesson, to contribute your ideas and to offer your opinion. You are always one of the first to put your hand up to answer questions but you also ask a lot of questions too. Sometimes asking a lot of questions is not always a good thing, but your questions are always sensible and most of the time add to the learning of your peers. For example, in Science yesterday we were looking at how animals adapt to their environment and we were talking about our results and whether our investigation was fair. You were the only person to comment on how we could have made our test even fairer and that really impressed me because that showed that you were one step ahead of everyone else.


Another area where you have really stood out to me is during our PE lessons. Your ability to work with everyone is superb! I never hear you moan about who I put you with or which team you are on. I never hear you argue, you just get on with the game. You are great at giving advice to your team and you never do this in a 'bossy' way. Your level of energy within PE is also fantastic!


So Alex, I cannot ask anymore of you because you put in so much hard work into all aspects of school life. You definitely make our classroom a great place to be! I know that your friends think that you are amazing but I wanted you to know that I think you are amazing too! You are a credit to our school but also to your family and they should be very proud of you. I do not doubt for a second that you aren't going to have a very successful year, just continue the way you are! Thank you for being so lovely and for being an absolute pleasure to teach!


Keira H


You have stood out to me right from the start Keira! You have such a fantastic attitude to learning and that is not just during Literacy or during Topic, it is in every single lesson. This fantastic attitude means that you are always doing the right thing and the effort you put into your work is incredible! You have the right attitude and this helps you to be successful so I know that you are going to do very well this year. The work you produce is always of a high standard, you take time and care but you always get things done. The questions you ask are fantastic and you always make positive contributions during lessons. You are always one of the first children to put your hand up and I know that I can always rely on you to share your ideas with the class.


You are also a fantastic team player Keira. I watch you during group activities and you support your friends so well. You are organised and always suggesting your ideas. You are never bossy, you don’t take control and you always make sure you listen to the ideas of others. I know that I can ask you to work with anyone in the class and your group will be successful because it has you in it J You really stood out to me during Guided Reading this week too when acting out parts of a play- you could definitely be on the stage when you are older!


Finally Keira, I want to praise you for just being you! You are such a delight to teach, I can’t believe I’ve only known you for a short amount of time. You are so kind and pleasant, you have such wonderful manners and you are extremely helpful to not just me but to your peers as well. I know that everyone in 4KJ really values your friendship and I would definitely like to have you as my friend if I was a pupil in 4KJ.

So, I could go on and on all day about your wonderful skills and talents but I want to finish by saying, I am so lucky that I have got you in my class because you make 4KJ a delightful place to be!  Thank you for being you! Keep up the good work- you are going to have a really successful year!


Jayden D


Jayden has made a fantastic start to Year 4 and has settled in really well. It's like he has been in Year 4 for ever! I am so glad that I have the pleasure of teaching Jayden every day because he is just brilliant! I have praised Jayden this week for his superb maths skills. In Maths, he is absolutely amazing. I think his love for the subject really helps him to be successful. He is so hardworking in every single lesson and is always one of the first children to move onto the extension tasks. He see's everything as a challenge and it is great to see his determination. I overheard Oliver in Maths the other day talking to Alistair about Jayden- it was all good! He told Alistair how Jayden never finds anything difficult in Maths because he is so good at it. I thought that was a lovely comment to make and it goes to show that it is not just your teachers who realise how wonderful you are, but your friends see it and know it too! I think sometimes you don't realise how talented you actually are and I hope that goes to show just how clever you are when it comes to maths.


But not only is Jayden amazing in maths, but his hard work and positive attitude does not go unnoticed during other aspects of school life. He puts in 100% effort all of the time. He is calm, kind, always well-mannered and is such a good friend to everyone. You are so helpful and just an absolute pleasure to teach! I think sometimes you doubt how talented you actually are, and I hope that this praise has made you realise how wonderful you are! I am so proud of your journey in Year 4 so far and I can't wait to see how much more you can achieve! Well done- keep it up smiley


Lillie W


Lillie has really stood out to me during the first two weeks of Year 4 and has settled in really well. I am praising Lillie this week for being independent and mature. During lessons, Lille is always on task, she is always doing the right thing, she listens carefully to instructions and asks sensible questions if she isn't sure of something. Although Lillie is very quiet, I am really seeing her confidence grow. Lillie has shown great perseverance during Maths and although at times she may find something difficult, she never gives up and continues to work hard. She is now involving herself more in class discussions and will try to offer her ideas a lot more during lessons. She is so enthusiastic about our topic and this is evident during our Topic lessons. Lillie is also a fantastic team player which I have noticed during both PE and Topic lessons. Lillie is well mannered, kind and caring. She is a great friend to everyone and will always offer a helping hand to those who need it. Lillie, thank you for having a fantastic attitude to your learning and for really shining out during these first two weeks. You are a great role model to the rest of the class and to all pupils at Straits. Your positive attitude is reflected in all aspects of school life and I know that you are going to achieve many things during Year 4. Keep up the hard work, I can't wait to watch your confidence grow even further!