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18/03/16- Daniel


I am praising you for a fantastic improvement in your learning! Since we came back after February half term, you have really stood out to me because you have been putting so much more effort into all areas of your learning. You are now working much more independently within lessons and you are using the resources I give you. Your writing is improving within each lesson. This week in Literacy we were writing an argument showing reasons for and against deforestation. I wrote a paragraph with your group and then left you to work independently to write the next paragraph. When I left you to work independently, you were so focused and you really used your planning and the resources well! Because of this, I awarded you with Star Writer this week so well done for that! You have also been trying extremely hard with your handwriting and have now been awarded with your pen license!


I also wanted to mention your reading- you are becoming so much more confident with your reading and it is a pleasure to listen to you read. I know you don't always enjoy reading, but you never give up, you self-correct when you realise you have misread a word and that's excellent! Your contributions in Guided Reading are always fantastic and you show great understanding of the texts we have read.


Most importantly, I wanted to praise you for your effort in Numeracy. I am so proud and so impressed with your Numeracy skills! You challenge yourself within every lesson and you are always one of the first to get onto the extension challenges. We have been looking at time recently, and your knowledge of time is excellent! The thing about you Daniel is in Maths you retain things really well. I know there are a lot of methods and skills to remember in Maths but you always seem to remember them so well done for that! So Daniel, please keep up the hard work because it hasn't gone unnoticed. Keep putting that effort in and stay determined!

11/03/16- Bradley


I have praised you this week Bradley most importantly for having an improved attitude to your learning. You have been standing out to me for the last few weeks and I have seen a big improvement in your attitude. You are so much more focused within lessons, especially in Literacy. In every Literacy lesson, you are focused, your head is down and you are on task! Because of this improved attitude, I have noticed a big improvement in the quality of your work and also the amount of work you are producing is increasing! Your paragraphs are so much more detailed and you remember ideas from when we have modelled things as a class. I am also seeing how much more you are enjoying Literacy and that is great to see. Your creativity is definitely improving and you are using lots of creative vocabulary. Your literacy skills, including your sentence structure, is improving each week so well done for that!


I also wanted to mention how resourceful you are. You use your common sense and use the resources around you to help you. If I have provided you with a word bank, you will use it. If I give you some examples of openers, you will use them. Everything I give to you, you use in your work and that just proves to me that you want to keep improving in Literacy. You also got star writer last week and when I was reading your work, I noticed how much you had listened because phrases and openers, which we had discussed at the start of the lesson, were in your work. You also work really well with your peers in Literacy and when it comes to planning and sharing your ideas, you use your time wisely. I always say, the more effective your planning is, the easier you will find it when you are writing and I think you have realised that now.


The final thing I wanted to mention is how you are becoming much more mature. I am seeing a big difference in your maturity since the start of the year and it's not just me that's noticed it, other teachers have too! You have shown that you can be sensible, mature, independent, resourceful and a good team player and I want you to continue doing these things! Well done Bradley, keep up the hard work!

04/03/16- Kevin


I am praising you this week Kevin for being intuitive and inquisitive in all areas of your learning. I don't think I have ever taught a lesson where you have not asked a question to further your knowledge. You seem to always want to no more about things and that is great. You enjoy reading about things, especially non-fiction books and factual books and you remember things really well- facts stick in your mind :) I wish I remembered things like you do! 


In science recently, we have been looking at the human body, including the skeleton and muscles. You ask such interesting questions and you even make me think sometimes. We even have to research some of the answers sometimes because your questions are far too scientific for me! 


There are 2 recent occasions where you have really stood out to me. First, when we had our Islam talk a few weeks ago. I watched you during that talk and you were so focused and you listened to every word that was said. You took all of the information in and then asked some excellent questions- it was evident that you wanted to find out more! The second occasion was on our trip to The Botanical Gardens recently. You were fantastic on our trip, you constantly had your hand up when the lady asked us questions and every time you answered a question it was correct! The lady who lead our teaching session was so impressed with your questions, she couldn't believe how much you knew! Every time you asked a question, I turned to Mrs Watkins and smiled and she was already smiling at me so I knew she agreed with me as well. I was so proud of you on those occasions and it is lovely to see how much you want to keep learning! 


This is a great skill to have and I think one of the best ways to learn is to ask questions! So my message to you is, never stop asking those wonderful questions and keep on reading all of those interesting facts. But please share them with myself and the rest of the class! Well done- keep it up! 

26/02/16- Krystal


I have praised you this week Krystal for your improved attitude to learning and school life. If I think back to when you first joined us, I remember a very quiet girl who didn't have much confidence and who didn't really contribute within lessons. I remember working with your group in guided reading and when I asked you to read out loud to the group, you were very quiet and quite reluctant to share your ideas with the group. Now Krystal, you have come on in leaps and bounds. You are completely different within lessons- if I ask you now to share your ideas you will!


On our trip this week, you were one of the children that really stood out to me. We had the opportunity to handle some animals such as a snake and a chameleon and you were quite nervous about handling these to start with. However, after seeing all of her friends handle the animals, you realised that it wouldn't be too bad and you asked for some hand gel and went and joined the line. This is a perfect example of how your confidence has increased recently. As well as this, I also wanted to mention how well you worked with your partner throughout the day. You made sure that you stayed by your partner throughout all the activities and I didn't have to speak to you once in a negative way.


I also chose you as star writer this week. In Literacy, we were writing a recount of our trip and for the first part of the lesson I worked with your group. You were giving me great openers, subordinate clauses to create complex sentences and you were just full of ideas! You remembered everything so well! If I think back to the start of the year, your writing didn't really have a structure to it and it seemed as if you had just put all of your ideas on the page. However, I am seeing great progress in your writing recently, and I know you still have a lot more to give.


You should be very proud of your progress and improved attitude. Well done for standing out this week- keep up the good work!

12/02/16- Elle-Mae


I have praised Elle-Mae this week just because she is a lovely, kind and caring person! She never has a bad word to say about anyone, she cares for others and will always go over to children to see if they are ok. You help children within class if they are stuck or if they need a bit of help. You are just a lovely girl who always puts others first- you put a smile on not just my face but everyone's in the class! You have such wonderful manners and they never go unnoticed!


One thing I have noticed about you is how loyal you are to all of your friends. I don't think I have ever had to deal with a friendship fall out in the time that I have taught you! You are friends with everyone in the class and that is so lovely. You don't let anything get in the way of your learning, you know what you need to do well and you always want to do your best which is great to see. Not only have I praised you for all of the above, but I also wanted to mention that you have got such a great attitude to your learning Elle and I know that because of this, you are going to do really well this year! You're moving in the right direction in all areas, you are focused, determined and you just shine brightly! This excellent attitude is having a real positive effect on your achievements, especially your writing and I am seeing big improvements in every piece of writing that you do. So a big well done to you, don't ever change Elle, you are such a lovely girl and yourself and your parents should be very proud- keep it up!

05/02/16- Sam

I have seen a big improvement in Sam's confidence and maturity recently. If I think back to the start of the year, Sam was quite quiet and not very confident. The work you produced was good but there was never a lot of it! Now Sam, you have completely changed- you're always putting your hand up to contribute your ideas, you are a lot more focused and are putting so much more effort into all areas of learning. The detail in your writing is improving greatly- so well done for that! I was so impressed with your rainforest adventure story too. As well as all of this, you are also a kind, caring boy who is friends with everyone. I never hear anyone say a bad word about you. Keep going in the direction you are going, keep that good attitude, remain focused and you will go far! A big well done, keep it up!

29/01/16- Zara


A big well done to Zara this week! Over the last few weeks, I have seen a big improvement in your attitude to learning. You are now a lot more focused in lessons, determined to do well and you are becoming more proud of your work! You were star writer last week so well done for that! You always take your time with your work and you make sure you put 110% effort in all of the time. You are putting so much effort into your creative literacy homework and I know you really enjoy sharing it with the class. You are growing into a really mature individual who is improving in all areas. Keep up the good work Zara, I am very proud :)