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Invaders & Settlers- Stunning start!

This week, we started exploring our new topic: Invaders and Settlers otherwise known as the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.


For our stunning start, we found out about the mystery of the empty grave that was found in the grounds of Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. We went outside to discover what was found in the 'empty grave'. In the mound, we found a ship that had been buried alongside some other artefacts. When we had pieced the artefacts together, we found a helmet, a shield and a purse clip. We started to think about who this grave could belong to?


After exploring a little more, we came to the conclusion that it was the grave of a king, who was also a warrior. We knew he had to be from East Anglia and had to be Christian at some point. We therefore decided that the grave belonged to King Raedwald.



4KJ worked extremely hard on this day and used their history skills to investigate the mystery- well done!




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