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Children in Need


Children in Need day at Straits was yet again an amazing success. 5PH, like all the other classes in KS2, have been planning what to do for their stalls. I have seen fantastic collaboration, creativity and generosity this year.


We planned our classroom together, negotiating areas and resources needed for different stalls. Support from home has been phenomenal. Our stalls included refreshments, cakes, sweets, bowling and knock a cup down games, lucky dips, raffles for teddies, gift sets and a handmade Pudsey cake. Every stall proved very popular and we raised a lot of money. Great entrepreneurship – one person who had finished their lucky sand dip, then sold turns to touch and play in the glitter sand!


Well done 5PH. I am really proud of all of you. A special thank you to you and your families for their support and generosity once again. As a class, you raised an amazing £183.66 and as a school we raised £1,190.95!

Remembrance Day


After a well observed two minute silence across the whole school, we decided to do some poppy art in the afternoon. We learnt how to cross stitch ad listened to WW1 songs.

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Cross curricular science


In science this week, we were back in WW1 at the Somme River. The bridge had collapsed and we had to build the strongest bridge to get across it. We had a strict brief, then worked scientifically to make and test our bridges using weights. Take a look at our photos to see how we all got on.



Testing the strength and flexibility of materials proved interesting in science this week. We were surprised that some of our predictions were wrong, particularly how strong the bamboo proved to be. We collaborated to devise a fair test to ensure that our results were comparable. Take a look at our photos.

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A note - Parents evening / Half term


A big thank you to all parents who came to parents evening to celebrate the children’s success. It was a pleasure to meet you all and discuss what we have been doing in Year 5 so far. It has been a busy and exciting half term, so it was lovely to share the children’s work with you.


Enjoy half term - a well-deserved rest and I look forward to hearing all about it when we return on 30th October.


We are looking forward to next half term which includes our Fantastic Finish (Friday 8th December, 2pm) and making carrot soup (a letter will follow shortly).


Science Autumn Term 1

A quick review of our science this half term  through photos. We have enjoyed our topic so far.

Science Presentations - Research how chemists create new materials


An amazing amount of work to research and plan your presentations. Excellent presentation skills by all; a special mention to Libby Hollis who, we all agreed, was very professional. I thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning with you all.

Well done 5PH.


WW1 trenches.


We started with cardboard boxes, which we covered in papier mache. At the end of the week, we added a base coat of paint. The following week we added detail. We hunted around the school grounds for materials / objects that might be useful. Thank you to parents who helped their children bring in resources from home. Our finished trenched looked very realistic.

Winter Trench Challenge in Science


Our science challenge once again brought us back to the trenches, but in the depths of winter this time. Each trench had to melt the ice to get water for their trench with a thirty minute time limit. A variety of methods were used which included breathing on the ice, wrapping it up and shaking the ice in the container. A thoughtful discussion later revealed our science knowledge. We were using heat to melt a solid, friction and insulation. We found that we were keeping the ice cold by insulating it from room temperature and looked at real life examples of cool bags and flasks to understand why this method was less successful. We used syringes and pipettes to extract the water, read the scale in ml on our containers and recorded our results in a table and line graph. We had a great time.


Soluble or insoluble?


We had to investigate different materials to test for solubility (when the water is transparent) or insolubility (where particles of the solid can be seen in the water).

We made predictions, devised a fair test and recorded our results.

Trench water investigation in Science


The children became soldiers in trenches in World War 1. 5PH were given a challenge... to recover the different items in their 'trench water' and produce the cleanest water possible! The 'soldiers' were keen to impress! Yellow trench were the winners, but it was trench digging duties for the red trench!  We had a fantastic Science lesson and learnt a lot in the process.


Take a look below to see us in action.