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The Queen's 90th Birthday & St George's Day


On Thursday 21st April, all the pupils and staff came to school wearing the colours of red, white and blue to celebrate The Queen's 90th birthday and St George's Day. In KS2 assembly, we looked at The Queen's life, including her childhood, how and when she became queen and her jobs and responsibilities. On this day, we reflected on how proud we are to be part of this country in different ways. Well done to everyone for dressing up in red, white and blue today. Happy 90th Birthday to The Queen and Happy St George's Day!

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Our new topic- Invaders and Settlers


This week in year 4, we found out about our new topic- Invaders and Settlers (Saxons and Vikings). We are all really looking forward to finding out about this time in history. I wonder if you can find out some interesting information/facts and bring it into school to share with your peers? There's lots of information out there so get researching!

GOLD STAR PUPIL- FAITH frown (08/03/16)


A big well done to Faith this week, who found herself being the first pupil in 4KJ to be moved up to GOLD on our zone board. I awarded you with this because you never moan, you are always on task and you put 110% into everything that you do! Well done- keep it up!


I wonder who will be in gold next...

The Mayans


In our Topic lessons, we have started to find out about the Mayan Civilization who lived in the rainforest from approx 300BC to 1500AD. Below are some resources that you can use to find some more information about the Mayans. I wonder if you can find some new information out and bring your research into school to share with the class?



World Book Day smiley


On Tuesday 1st March, everyone at Straits Primary celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character. Children brought in their favourite books, we wrote book reviews and had the opportunity to read to some of the younger children. Overall, we had such a lovely day and it was evident that lots of us love to read! I want to thank all parents for helping with costumes- the children put so much effort in! Have a look at our World Book Day page for further information and pictures.





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Botanical Gardens Trip- Feb 16


4KJ had a wonderful time on our trip this week and had the opportunity to experience what a tropical rainforest is like in real life! I was so proud of your wonderful questions and how much you have remembered from our topic so far :) We even had the opportunity to look at rainforest resources, musical instruments and some of the animals that are found in tropical rainforests. Overall, we had a fantastic day- make sure you look at the pictures which I have uploaded on our Botanical Gardens page!


Miss James

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